10 Secrets To Create Amazing Delivery Driver Resume

10 Secrets To Create Amazing Delivery Driver Resume

5. Delivery Driver Resume Should Highlight Your Strengths

Resume is not an exact science, contrary to the many “experts”. The reason being is none of them can agree on the best format and style. Each hiring manager has their own preference and all they look for is to find and hire the best truck drivers in USA. The best recruiters though look at the information contained in the delivery driver resume and not the look of it.
One of the debated things is the inclusion of an objective statement. Many of the newer formats have done away with this. Other has changed to calling it a summary. It is up to you if you include it in your delivery driver resume, but the nice thing about the statement, it’s a summary of your experience.

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Another very important factor is the purpose of it. It isn’t to tell the hiring manager you want a job – they already know that much. It should explain why you are the one they should choose. It needs to tell them the value you will bring to the organization.

Here is an example of a bad summary statement:

  • “Good driver with best driver skills, who loves to drive and meet new people, seeks a job as a delivery driver”

Surely you can see what is wrong with that. First off, there is nothing special about this driver, not according to that brief statement. It only said what we would assume to be true. The person has applied to be a delivery driver, so of course they can drive. And as I said, we already know they want a job. The question is why should the recruiter spend their time to review this delivery driver resume, when they a couple dozen others to review?

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Perhaps if the candidate had worded it more like this example bellow, their delivery driver resume would have gotten more attention.

  • “8+ years of commercial delivery driving experience, operating both box trucks and flatbeds and occasionally While doing so maintained an accident free driving and safety record. ”

The second one briefly explains what type of vehicles he/she operated and shows they understand the importance of safety. With a summary like that, the delivery driver resume has a much greater chance of getting reviewed by the hiring manager.

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6. Delivery Driver Resume Experience (Be Detailed And Thorough)

So you’ve written a better summary and you know the importance of using the right words. So now what’s next? Your delivery driver resume needs to have all your relevant experience mentioned in a clear way. This is where both honesty and wording are important. Go ahead and list any endorsements, types of trucks and even how much driving you’ve done.

You can feel free to mention on your delivery driver resume any other relevant experience you have gained. Perhaps you were a dock worker, a mechanic, or even a truck dispatcher. All of this is good experience to include on your delivery driver resume.

If you have held any positions of responsibility (trained other drivers, was a safety officer), that information is important to include in your delivery driver resume.

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7. Delivery Driver Resume Additional Skills

Anyone who has ever driven for a living knows there is much more to the job just driving. Your delivery driver resume needs to should that you can handle to other duties as well. During your working life you have gained many useful skills, perhaps you didn’t know it but they are there!

So what are some these other skills?

  • Dealing with the public and having great customer service skills.
  • The responsibility of maintaining your truck and doing your job properly.
  • Adhering to company rules and policies, practicing good safety standards.
  • Basic reading and writing comprehension and general math skills.
  • Being dependable to arrive on time and being a team player.

You don’t have to list these, as it is better for the body of your Delivery Driver Resume to reflect these skills.

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8. Delivery Driver Resume Should Have A Cover Letter

Remember, the delivery driver resume is a short summary of your life. It doesn’t tell the entire story. Writing about yourself can be hard and stressful for some people. Some people forget they are writing this for someone they have never met.

So it is recommended that you have a good cover letter. This should be written in a professional but conversational tone. It should clearly address your ability to benefit the company. This is a first step in the introduction process. Not every company will require it, but it’s a nice touch.

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9. Delivery Driver Resume (Things Not To Do)

Besides to not harp on the format, I have listed several things to include in your delivery driver resume. And I have even stressed on a few key elements of how it should look. But what are some of the things one should not do on their delivery driver resume?

  • You can include references, but never put the statement “references available on request’ either list them or don’t mention them.
  • Don’t lie. We all want to make ourselves stand out but if you blatantly lie on your delivery driver resume, they will find out.
  • Don’t try to be artistic and colorful. This is a delivery driver resume not an addition for a marketing firm.
  • Keep it short, 2 or 3 pages but don’t send a short book. About 10 years of work history is all that is needed, some require even less.

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10. Additional Resources For Writing A Delivery Driver Resume

If you are not a good resume writer, well that is ok. Perhaps you have a family member or friend who can help. Your delivery driver resume needs to look good and there are many resources available to assist you. Of course some of these will charge a small fee for their services.


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Actually you can research the internet and find many good free resources. There are several generic formats available to use when writing your Delivery Driver Resume. There are other options, often job fairs will have experts on hand to critique your resume or you can look at places like, the University Of Michigan Career Center .

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