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Learn All Hidden Facts About Truck Lite LED Lights

Truck-Lite is now well known for their Truck Lite LED Lights. They have been around for almost 60 years, when they manufactured their first sealed marker lamp after which Truck-Lite began production on sealed turn, stop and tail lamps.


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So what does sealed mean? Truck-Lite created leak-free lights and lamps reducing, even eliminating, the harmful effects of water and chemicals on/in the bulbs. Truck Lite LED Lights are considered by many, to be the best in innovative lamps for the trucking industry.

From the very beginning they were ahead of their time and continue that tradition even now. Over the years Truck Lite has made steady improvements on their various products, to include the development of Truck Lite LED Lights. They were the first to introduce protective shock mounts, which has been copied by many other companies to protect the fragile components, even while crossing the roughest of terrain.

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Truck Lite has maintained their focus on innovation. This has proven successful as they continue get orders for their products. It was also this spirit that helped push the company ahead. Truck Lite constantly strives to be the best. In doing so they have continued to grow up, this has been proven by the acquisition of many other companies into their family. This was especially beneficial with the acquiring of Signal-Stat in 2002. Through this they were able to increase their production of switches, lights and even Truck Lite LED Lights.

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Truck-Lite’s innovation goes beyond the development and designs of their products. They maintain a very customer driven approach to the production of their Truck Lite LED Lights and other products. As a matter of fact, out of the 200 top fleets and best trucking companies in USA, and even some of the small trucking companies nearly 70% recommend Truck Lite and their Truck Lite LED Lights. The number one reason is their great products, and the longevity of their bulbs. Truck Lite continues to be the company others look at to imitate.

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This is all well and good. Truck Light is a great company, with innovative products. They have a long and proud history. Truck light is considered a leader in the industry with such items as their Truck Lite LED Light, but what’s the big deal with the Truck Lite LED Light?



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