Benefits of Locking Fuel Cap

Discover The Ultimate Benefits of Locking Fuel Cap

We live in a world where everyday we’re bombarded by this item or that item. Think about it. When you are sitting in front of the television trying to watch your favorite show, what comes on? Commercials.

Now we all understand the importance of them, of course we do. But we all also hate to be interrupted during our favorite shows.

And of course the commercial break never comes during a boring point in the show, does it? No. It is always when the contestant is about to answer the million dollar question or the killer is about to be revealed.

Then for the next eternity you get to see which bisque whitens your dog’s teeth better. Or which frying pan has a better non-stick surface. And we can’t forget the endless pharmaceutical commercials. They are either praising the next wonder drug or advertising the newest class action lawsuit.

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So, what does this have to do with fuel caps (gas caps as many still call them)? – Nothing, and everything at the same time. No, you don’t see commercials advertising them. But they like it is with so many other products, they greatly vary in their design.

Their prices vary from affordable to rather expensive. And just like all those other products, they have both good points and bad points depending what you need.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad to have commercials advertising the various fuel caps that are out on the market, explaining the good points and bad points of the various caps available, because this is actually a very important piece of equipment. Though, most don’t consider it as such.

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Just like most people don’t appreciate the child proof caps on pill bottles, or the tamper proof caps on cold drinks, you most likely don’t even consider the importance of the spill proof caps on a child’s drink. That is until it is too late. These were all created and designed for a reason.

And the same can be said for the fuel cap. How did I make that leap? –Safety, security, and theft. A good cap reduces pollution related emissions from seeping out of the tank. They reduce the potential risk from fire.

And they can prevent someone from stealing and/or tampering with your fuel. An added bonus is they can increase the efficiency of the fuel and aid in your engine’s ability to operate properly.

Did you know that you’re likely to lose about 30 gallons of gas in a single year if you drive around without a functional gas cap? That’s a lot of valuable fuel and hard-earned dough down the drain.

According to Sun Oil Company research, a vehicle with a missing or inoperative fuel cap will allow 176 pounds (22 gallons) of gasoline to evaporate over the period of one year. Don’t let that person to be you!

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Who knew that something so basic could actually be so important?

Of course there are numerous designs available depending on the company who made your truck. It also depends on the company that creates the aftermarket items. And depending on what you want and can afford.

Do you want something that just plugs the hole? Hopefully not. Do you want one that can be locked? Do you want one that can actually register your fuel consumption? What about one that is siphon proof?


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See, there are so many choices. So, here I will attempt to assist you in grasping a better understanding of what can, and perhaps should, be considered when looking into fuel caps. Whether you are buying a replacement or refitting your entire fleet there several things to consider.

I recommend keeping these three in mind first; safety, security, and fuel theft. Then there are the other factors like fuel misuse/abuse by drivers (or other employees and inside or outside parties), the environmental concerns, and of course the cost.

But no matter what type you decide to go with, it is highly recommended that you go with a locking fuel cap. So with that in mind, I will attempt to share some thoughts on them.

How easy is to use Locking Fuel Cap

Like I said earlier there are so many designs, that it can get a bit confusing selecting the right type. And the last thing you want to do is have some overly complicated contraption that looks like it came from a ‘Warner Brothers’ cartoon. But not to worry most aren’t that ridiculous.

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First off they come with directions. (Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone if you cheat and read them first.) But they are very simple. Remove your old cap. The new locking cap will often require you use the key to set it before use.

Now, there are even digital ones (again simple instructions are included). But in most cases it is as simple as removing the old one and replacing it with the new.

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Here are 5 simple steps that will help you replace your missing or busted gas cap.

What you’ll need:

  • Gloves
  • Hanky or Face Mask
  • Clean Cloth
  • Needle Nose Pliers

Step 1: Make sure that your new gas cap matches your vehicle’s year, make, and model. Keep in mind that what you’re looking for is a perfect cap fit that will prevent the seeping out of gas fumes. This means that you shouldn’t settle for just any gas cap.

Step 2: Before you get started on your installation job, make sure that you’re taking all the safety precautions. Wear gloves to ensure that you don’t get fuel residue onto your hands, and wear a face mask/ hanky over your nose to protect you from the fumes that may seep out of your fuel tank.

Step 3: Clean off your fuel tank opening using a clean piece of cloth to ensure that it’s free from debris that can enter it.

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Step 4: Identify whether or not your stock cap has a cap retention ring, which prevents it from falling out. : If it does, then slip the tip of your needle nose pliers underneath the edge of the retention ring’s base.



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