Not Operating LTL Freight

Not Operating LTL Is Luxury You Can’t Afford

I’m sure all of you guys that own trucking companies or you are doing business as owner-operators are noticing that profit margins in the trucking business are going towards historic minimums.


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Simply there is a lot of trucks in the market that keep the load prices down and all because the trucking business had a reputation that it is profitable over the last let’s say 5 years.

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That is only a small part of the picture of why the trucking business is going down when it comes to profitability even though the industry is going up in all other cases.

The challenges the Trucking industry is facing are:

  • Low barriers to getting into the business
  • Lack of truck drivers
  • More and more trucks on the roads are lowering the profit margins
  • ELD mandate rule will affect the industry as of 2017.
  • The number of available loads is not growing at the same rate as the number of trucks

How Profitable Trucking Business Really Is?

But today everything is changing and the winds of changes are blowing this way. 2015. was a record year when it comes to deliveries of brand new trucks. Historic records are set and there have never been more trucks on the roads across the USA.



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