Not Operating LTL Freight

Not Operating LTL Is Luxury You Can’t Afford

Some people would say this is good but I would disagree and I’m sure you guys that have been in this business for some years would disagree too. The only thing that brokers are paying attention to is the load price – they want to rip you off and I have heard a lot of talks that trucking companies are driving below the profit margins.

Trucking industry profit on average now is set to few percents meaning that if your company has an annual gross income of $1.000.000 the net profit (after taxes and amortization) would be in the area of just $50.000 which is we should all agree low.

Nowadays, a huge number of trucks was also caused by historically minimum interest rates which made truck dealers and truck leasing companies compete among each other offering better terms. Simply said in some cases with zero $ downpayment you were able to finance or lease a truck worth $140k.

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That as a circumstance had that you can’t drive a car on highway because it is packed with class 8 trucks.



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