Not Operating LTL Freight

Not Operating LTL Is Luxury You Can’t Afford

Yeah right! it now when you are reading this article at your home or office. But imagine those unexpected things happening when you have a mad driver, angry dispatcher, and a client that unfortunately needed to close the warehouse earlier today despite he didn’t provide any notice that he is going to do it.

Be Prepared for Unexpected Situations in LTL Freight

Watch for these kinds of situations and prepare in advance so that you are prepared when they happen. Or at least try to avoid them at any price, at least those ones that you have under your control:

  • Be prepared for often changes of delivery and pick up addresses
  • A lot of time there could be issues with delivery or pick up time
  • You could face quite often delivery location accepting delivery at certain time slots only
  • It could happen sometimes that your load gets canceled

It is important to realize that these kinds of situations in LTL freight happen on a daily basis and to keep the mind calm and react in a good manner and try to avoid making the situation worse.

The Most Important Part In LTL Freight Is – Dispatchers

Yes, I wrote about this in some of my previous posts where you can realize how important the role dispatchers have in every trucking company. They deal with huge stress on a daily basis and to handle all kind of unexpected situations in a nice and polite way.

Being a dispatcher in LTL Freight is like playing in MLS compared to USL Pro. It is the same game but the set of skills and knowledge is completely different. Not to mention that being successful in this niche of freight you need experience as well.

All you guys owners of trucking companies in the USA and that have dispatchers covering their trucks please be aware that you need to treat those guys like gold. They can solve any potential bad situation at the beginning before it gets worse and saves you a lot of money and hassle. There are some tips you may use to make an amazing dispatch department:

  • Listen and talk with your dispatchers and ask them where they see a place for improvement
  • Set a team goal of having less bad situations and problems
  • Each month reward the best dispatcher
  • Start the training and education programs for stress management and fast problem solving

What are the good things about LTL Freight?

There is a lot of them of course. It is not bad as some of you may think. Previous words were just to prepare you that you arrive in this business ready to navigate through a lot of situations and make good decisions.

Of course, the biggest advantage and most positive thing is – money. On average LTL Freight is paid 20% more compared to the dry van loads. You would agree that is a lot of money especially if you take a look at that sum in the entire year.


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Besides the money, you get to have the chance to work with a lot of different people and companies. You make a lot of pickups and deliveries and interact with all kinds of companies all over the country. That is a great chance for business development.

Carrying LTL freight is a great platform to meet clients directly and to get into the negotiations of maybe getting a direct contract. I’m sure all of you know what this means and how profitable just one of those contracts could be for your trucking business.

This way you are avoiding those middle guys (brokers) that no one is really fond of them. But please be careful when you start thinking in this direction and start your action plan to get the contract in place. Consult with your lawyers and see if there any possible legal issues if you get a contract with the client directly. In some cases, brokers can file legal charges against you so please be careful.


Operating in the LTL Freight arena can be really good and profitable for every trucking company. It just takes some time to prepare everything in advance and have the system in place and procedures. Who is doing what in every situation? After you solve all of those things and get ready for business after some period of time this will be like operating a Dry Van’s or any other type of freight.

I encourage you to step into this field and try how you will handle this. Just remember to prepare your company for this and start making more money because you deserve more for your hard work!



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