5 Dangerous Signs That You Need To Inspect The Electrical Switches

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What you need to know about the breaker is the following: if the breaker is tripping repeatedly that means it is due to an overloaded circuit.

The circuit overloads usually occur because of the electrical demand that is on the same breaker from too many devices or a faulty wiring.

If you remove an appliance or a higher wattage lightbulb you can test the breaker.

Otherwise, you are free to contact a professional help from US Electric for instance, in order to inspect the breaker and check for wiring faults or damage.


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5. Extension Cord Patches

Any cable or wire wrapped in electrical tape with an exposed wiring or insulation fraying is known as a hazard.

Normally, these cables need replacement and it can be done in two ways:

  • remove the frayed and damaged ends and replace the plug
  • replace the entire cable
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A wiring system can work forever, however, if it is disturbed or altered, there is a high potential for trouble.

Running an extension cord creates an additional problem where there is a possibility of cords kinking. This will lead to tripped breakers, damaged outlets, or in the worst case, a fire.

For example, you can use extension cords for a short period of time, or during the holidays. If you constantly need more outlets then you need to call for an electrician to install them.


As a conclusion, there is an electrical switch having between one and four poles and can feature up to 3 throws.

In addition, the electrical switches have a part considered as the most important. That part is the thermal plating which is made of silver, gold, and nickel.

Continually, there are types of electrical switches which has on-off basic function and is considered to last more than the rest.



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