5 Ways How Driver Seat Belt Detection Can Help in Fleet Management


Driver seat belt usage is continuously increasing over the last few decades but despite constant vehicle alerts we are still not at the 100% usage level. National statistics (according to the NHTSA) are showing that 90.1% of people are using them. Simply the best and safest choice has always been to buckle up.

They way are so many people  still not using seat belts all the time? How we can help the remaining 27.5M people in US that are not using seat belts on a daily base?

Lately we tend to get a lot of asks about driver seat belt detection technology to be implemented in the companies Fleet Management Systems. So I wanted to share first hand how this technology can make positive changes for each company.

Help Drivers Develop Safe Behavior

Indeed this is where technology can help your company drivers and other employees develop safe driving behavior and habits. Today pretty much all new cars have the systems to warn drivers that they are not using seat belt regularly.

Here you simply add one layer of safety recommendations. The reason why some people reject to buckle up despite the warning audio and visual signals is that no one has the information or reporting that they are not using seat belt. This way you bring more visibility and drivers by knowing they are monitored start developing safe driving behavior and habits.

Seat Belt Detection Increases Driver Safety

NHTSA says that we could save 2465 lives in 2016. if all the drivers were buckled up. If your company introduced procedures can save just one life because of this you already made a huge step into the right direction.

Another data from the same source are showing that seat belt usage actually saved 14,668 human lives in 2016. It is very easy to demonstrate the value and benefits of seat belt usage but your company needs to make a first step.

Safety trainings, safety materials and safety procedures automatically performed and analyzed by the software is the first thing your company can do. Don’t delay starting it as the potential price to that is enormous.

Seat Belt Detection Can Reduce Company Liability

Unfortunately we have all witnessed that sometimes there are some people that want to take advantage of the bad situations. Whether an accident participant or some really aggressive lawyer trying to squeeze out something that doesn’t exist your company might be at risk.

Safety procedures introduced and monitored by our software provide you with all the required information and data to reconstruct any event and have better understanding of what really happened.

If your company did everything it could to eliminate all the risks and the software you use can provide documentation, then your liability is non existent or minimal. Better safe than sorry works here at full glance.

Introduce Automatic Safety Procedures

Software you use can help you setup automatic safety procedures that will help you eliminate the driver seat belt usage for the purpose of increasing safety. There is multiple customizations our software supports that will be helpful:

  • alert the driver by SMS or Email in case of driving the car without being buckled up
  • prevent engine start without seatbelt usage
  • create monthly usage stats and warn drives not using it

Also there are multiple custom features available in admin dashboard that can help you monitor the seatbelt usage. Being able to have full visibility will help you make better decisions and also recognize do you have wide company problem or there are only few risky drivers exposing your company to huge problem.

Incentivize Drivers To Use the Seat belt

One of the things that work in pretty much all cases is to incentivize the drivers. There are multiple ways you can use to incentivize them. Here are few examples:

  • small financial bonuses
  • small rewards and perks
  • company recognitions and awards

It is very good to know that these custom approaches are very helpful and bring almost instant improvements so they are definitely worth trying. To make your life easier our system can help you to automate all these steps in order to allow you to focus on the things you find important.

Next Steps

If you’d like to learn more how to implement custom driver seat belt detection or you’d like to have a complete fleet management software that supports it please reach out to me via email on kc@fueloyal.com or schedule a 100% FREE quick 15 minute discovery call to see how we  at Fueloyal can be of help.