Snow Removal Service and Factors To Consider

7 Things To Know If You Consider Snow Removal Service

Companies need to prepare for winter and hire snow removal service. The businesses usually consider and count on the best snow removal service.

Normally, the governments need to cover the expenses and removal of snow but they do not always do.

There are corporate companies which work with cross-border clients and have meetings, they have hundreds of employees and need to have their private area of parking spot or entrance cleaned.

In this case, they hire services from other companies. The only difference between the government services and companies is that the companies charge for the service and you do not always get what you pay for.

According to NSIDC every business, a company or enterprise should consider snow removal service. Therefore, as a company owner, you need to be familiar with the entire process of the services:

1. What is Snow Removal

As the name itself states, snow removal is a complete removal of snow. There is a different equipment used for the action.

Snow removal is a process which includes

  • Anti-icing
  • Deicing

To emphasize, anti-icing involves ice-melting chemicals before and during a storm in order to prevent or delay the formation of ice and snow on the surface.

Deicing involves mechanical and chemical means like ice-melting chemicals or road salt.

In order to complete this process, the companies send dump trucks which spread the salt. Usually, there is a brine, wetted salt or rock salt used before the storm.


Therefore, if you learn about the fact that rock salt is normally ineffective at very low temperatures, you need to ask a particular snow removal service company which kind of salt they use.

Moreover, in order to get a proper snow removal service, you may want to make sure that the team has CDL license first.

2. Types Of Snow Removal Services

With the snow removal service, you have an option to choose what kind of service you want.

For example, in the bigger snow accumulated areas, a different type of snow removal service is hired.

Depending on the service that you need, companies normally hire these type of services:


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Commercial Snow Removal

According to OSHA, it is very important for parking lots to stay clear and allow employees and customers an easy access.

Furthermore, it helps your property to keep up with the standards of WSIB and more importantly, carries commercial liability insurance.

Moreover, you need professional maintenance services that actually guarantee your business non interruptance by winter storms.


For instance, if you own a freight brokerage business, or a trucking company, with over 200 employees you need a parking spot. Having a parking spot is great, however, in winter times knows to be tricky.

What happens if your parking ends up covered in 2 meters of snow?

In this case, you need snow removal service budgeting and choosing the right snow removal contract.


Regardless of what type of snow you will choose, make sure the company you hire is experienced, reputable and professional.

Continually, each state takes the snow removal seriously. For instance, in Ohio, snow removal companies hire certified employees or they educate them and their clients about the snow services.

According to your needs, learn to find quality contractors and what services to look for.

Residential Snow Removal

On the other hand, the residential snow removal service is used in the urban areas. Normally, these areas include residents with parking.

Having to shovel or get out the snow blower adds stress and sweat to an already busy time of year.


Let us take the shovel out of your hand and clear your driveway before it piles up high. You can spend the time you save building snow forts with the kids or tossing snowballs at the neighbors.

3. How Much Does Residential Snow Removal Cost?

Under normal circumstances, the residential snow removal services cost much less than the commercial type because it takes smaller space to clear.

There are professionals who determine the pricing according to the area size or how often a customer wants the snow removed.

Having said this, there are 3 types of snow removal cost, and they are the following:

Per-service Rates

To begin with, the residential snow removal service is all about the size of the area to be cleared. In other words, the larger the area is, the higher the costs would be.

Additionally, as a company owner, the pricing should not have that high of importance because it is about the safety of your employees which according to SAFER, accidents should be avoided.


However, once you consider the snow removal service, you need to know the pricing chart which goes like this:

  • Average 1 to 2 car driveway: $35 per service
  • Average 2 to 3 car driveway: $40 per service
  • 3 car 46 meters driveway: $60 per service

The front pathways, as well as sidewalks, have the same pricing as shown above, while other snow removal service providers, charge extra.

Monthly Rates

In addition, if you choose to pay a monthly fee, there are monthly rates for professional snow removal service.


As an illustration, the monthly residential snow removal service will cost you the same amount each month, regardless of the snowfall.

In cases of a large snowfall or snowstorms, a company snow plows in increments.


Continually, there are providers which offer services outside the snowfall season. Sometimes the customers receive an overall cost discount for the lawn care and snow removal service.


Others receive discounts for agreeing on monthly fees rather than per service costs.

Additionally, there are now companies offering 5 to 10% discount for a snow removal service for agreeing on a yearly service.

4. How To Find The Best Snow Removal Services

The best snow removal service provides the company which cares about their customers as well as proficiency.



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