8 Challenges That Trucking Company Owners Are Facing These Days

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The trucking company owners face plenty of challenges on a daily basis. It is your call whether you will accept those challenges and beat them.

Having said this, as a trucking company owner you need to be prepared for everything.

Trucking company owners have real struggles.

Some would say that their life is good because they own a company and have a huge income.

On the subject of this, you are not far from the truth.

However, their world is not all black and white. There are grey areas when it comes to handling every task in the trucking industry.

In order to run a trucking company successfully, you need to have a strong character and more importantly, high level of trucking industry knowledge.

Furthermore, there is the respect of the following rules and regulations of the United States:

  • The Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

Notably, the trucking industry is full of challenges. On the subject of this, there are always those which you are eager in completing.

It may be complex but you must admit that the trucking business is among the most interesting among industries.

Having said this, it is never dull. On the contrary, each day is a new adventure, a new challenge. Challenges are good, they always keep the adrenaline rush. To emphasize, it is the right business to get into.

1. Getting Great Companies to Work With

As you may already know, the trucking industry is tricky. It is a hard test for the truck drivers and it is even more challenging for the trucking company owners.

To begin with, one of the biggest challenges that the owners face is actually finding reliable companies to work with.

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Having said this, it is a problem that every company in the industry is facing with, especially the owners who start a trucking business.

Consequently, this leads to partnering.

To put it in another way, the already established and great companies are complicating the business for the new trucking companies.

In other words, the bigger companies are making the new entrants in the industry sign specific agreements.

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Source: www.joc.com

Continually, these agreements are not always going in a direction of mutual benefits.

In fact, they rarely ever do.

To put it differently, the trucking companies are suffering from the tricks that the bigger companies are playing.

More importantly, by making the smaller trucking companies affiliate, they are making their interests a priority.

Moreover, they are taking an advantage of them. They have a role of a villain instead of a fairy.

These companies are supposed to help the small trucking companies.

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Namely, they are not only not helping the new trucking company owners but they are making their business tougher on top of it.

In order to avoid all of this, you need to find reliable companies to work with. In this way, being among the fresh trucking company owners will be not scary at all.


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Sometimes, you do not have to go the harder way in order to succeed. On the contrary, it can be easy, you just need to know what to do, who to collaborate with and who to trust.

2. Really Bad Roads

There are some areas in the United States which actually have really bad roads. This is immediately a problem for the trucking companies.

In fact, it could be the most peculiar challenge in the states in America which face the bad roads on a daily basis.

To put it in a different way, it slows the transportation process to a maximum.

Trucking Company Owners snow road
Source: www.history.com

It is noted that 90% of the accidents are occurring because of the heavy-duty vehicles.

Generally speaking, one simply cannot put the blame on the trucking companies.

On the subject of this, the trucking company owners need to have something to make a living from.

To emphasize, it is the poor network of roads.

Source: www.history.com

When a trucking company owner sends a specific transportation truck, it may suffer particular losses.

Due to the dangerous roads, the accidents may be disastrous.

For instance, if you are one of the trucking company owners of hazardous materials transportation even mini accident may cause a huge damage.

To continue with, it may cause leakage of liquids.

Source: www.latimes.com

Furthermore, tanker trucks could also spill their cargo or what is even scarier, it could lead to a complete fire outbreak.

In particular, if this happens, the company is at an awful loss.

However, besides all the flaws preventing the trucking company owners to complete a transportation successfully, you can pull the good out of it.

For instance, you can learn some tips to prevent truck accidents.

3. Trucking Company Owners Face With Fuel Cost

Fuel cost is another challenge that the trucking company owners are facing each day. Sometimes it is hard to find reliable fuel companies.

Why am I saying this?

To continue with, one of the reasons is that the cost of the fuel is constantly varying.

Trucking Company Owners fuel cost
Source: www.planete-energies.com

To put it in another way, as you are already familiar with, each year the fuel cost is different.

Having said this, it is the main reason why the trucking company owners are actually facing this problem every year.

With this in mind, I could say that it is among the greatest challenges that the trucking company owners are facing.

Source: www.shell.com

More importantly, this topic is especially tough for the OTR trucking company owners.

Looking on the positive side, this could be solved.

With regards to this, there are specific fuel cards that are helping the trucking business owners to decrease the company’s expenses.

Trucking Company Owners fuel diesel cost
Source: www.lefigaro.fr

In other words, you can use these fleet fuel cards for small businesses in an agreement with the fuel companies.



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