8 Effective Techniques to Skyrocket Your Trucking Company Customer Service

Due to the fast travel of information on the internet, customers are expecting a quick response from the customer support team.

Trucking Company Customer Service and responding to emails
Source: www.realbusiness.co.uk

According to a study at the Purdue University’s Customer Service Benchmarking Center responsible for customer quality, 35% of businesses and customers communicate through emails.

That same report is showing that the email experts are each day overloaded with a large number of emails. The need for writing speed is ruining the quality of the email.

According to the same report, many email support experts are being overloaded with too many emails to reply to in a single workday.

Trucking Company Customer Service and quick respond to emails
Source: www.insperity.com

If you are working in the customer support department then you can help customers by making them feel good and respected.

In addition to this, one way of making your customers feel good is to create an autoresponder right after they send an email.



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