5 Impacts On The Automotive Industry

Personal vehicles are continuing to evolve.

In addition, it seems that besides the numerous impacts that are happening to the automotive industry nowadays- the traditional concept of the vehicle is still kept.

Hence, the newest technological advancements that have been implemented in the automotive industry have resulted in taking on more tasks from the driver. In addition, we can witness the option of autonomous control over the controlled sketches of the highways.

It gives us a clear picture that this evolution has made it all easier for car users. It is even predicted to continue even as the fully automotive models take place.

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Moreover, by the implementation of the newest technological advancements, we can see that driver fatigue can be left far behind. Since the innovation in the form of a built-in fatigue system, we do not have to carry about accidents that do happen due to driver fatigue. The evolution of the automotive industry has made it all possible.

In addition, nowadays we can see that drivers have their demands of a drive prepared as soon as they sit in the vehicle.

Yet, the driver still remains to be aware of the surrounding and the overall driving process.

Further, in this article, you have the chance to read more details about the impacts that different innovations and changes have caused to the automotive industry!

So, let’s take a look!

1. How Technology Is Changing The Automotive Industry

Technology is rapidly changing. There is no second thought about it.

In fact, the automotive companies, as well as the manufacturers, have been significantly involved in building innovative features that have been requested from their customers.

Hence, they are continuously forging the external partnerships to expedite software and products that they can integrate into their product roadmap.

Yet, although we still have not hot flying cars, we must admit it that technology has had a great impact on the automotive industry.

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More precisely, technology has significantly changed the automotive industry.

To start with, the newest car technology is advancing at a rapid pace.

Actually, the artificial intelligence is enabling cars with the power to think, learn, and see. It is how the newest cars are navigating in an infinite range of possible driving scenarios.

Luckily, the leading automakers like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Toyota, VW, as well as Tesla have already started revolutionizing hon how people are driving.

Moreover, there are few well-developed trends that we can expect to see and experience in 2018.

Autonomous Features

So far, we have seen and heard a lot about fully self-driving cars. Such as is the car that has been developed by Tesla Motors.

Yet, there are far more other things that are and will be introduced into our cars. One of which is the autonomous features.

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Thereupon, the autonomous features include technology improvements such as are:

  • Active parking assistance- it allows the car to park itself while the car owner is still outside of the car;
  • Advanced cruise control;


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In addition to the previously mentioned technological discoveries from Tesla Motors, I must add up that Tesla’s autopilot system can break, accelerate, as well as steer by itself without the help of a driver.

In addition, all these autonomous features are possible thanks to the use of sensors and cameras that are guiding the car.

Smart Dashboards

Smart dashboards do come with a variety of features.

Starting from GPS features- such as finding maps, playing music, up to integrating with your smartphones and reading out your text messages and answering calls.

Simply said, smart dashboards are becoming one of the most popular additions for car manufacturers these days.

Source: www.ralphs.ca

In addition, the companies that have played a significant role in these technological impacts for the automotive industry are the following:

These are the two biggest players that are providing innovative impacts on the automotive industry.

Also, smart dashboards are increasing safety by making all distractions for drivers disappear. It has been enabled additionally with voice controls and the large touch screens.

Gesture Control

On the other hand we have the gesture control which can also be categorized as a huge impact on the automotive industry.

Thereupon, with gesture control you will forget about fiddling about reaching for the volume control. Or even tapping the screen.

Source: www.blog.asautoparts.com

Moreover, the only move that you will have to do with the gesture control is to wave your hand in the air in order to turn on your radio. Or to control the Bluetooth system as well.

Hence, there are already few car models that do possess this technological impact.

In addition, there are more and more car manufacturers looking forward to developing gesture control.

Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are the latest technological advancement or better-said discovery.

In general, self-driving cars are working by using remote sensing technology.

Source: media.wired.com

In details it goes like this:

  • The laser range finder is allowing a generation and a detailed 3D map of the environment;
  • The previous step is enabling the car to navigate itself;

Simply said, the technology is making it to reality.

Black Box Car Tracking

Black boxes in planes are something that we are well familiar with. But, black box car tracking?

It is something new that the newest technological advancements have made it possible.

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Moreover, the black box car tracking do bring one real improvement. Which is the ability to pre-empt and diagnose any possible car breakdowns quicker than ever.

On the other hand, we can see that the black box technology do involve high costs.

So, the predictions say that in the next decade all cars will have to be equipped with black box car tracking. The reason behind this is the purpose of increasing the safety.

2. The Impact Of The New Mobility Services On The Automotive Industry

We were well familiar with the mobility services as a service or product providers that were allowing a constant traveling. All that with a pre-defined geographical region of course.



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