Best Semi Truck Manufacturer Battle - Freightliner vs Kenworth vs Volvo. Which one do you prefer?

Best Semi Truck Manufacturer Battle – Freightliner vs Kenworth vs Volvo

Best Semi Truck Manufacturer Battle - Freightliner vs Kenworth vs Volvo. Which one do you prefer?

The best semi truck manufacturers are constantly changing the concept of trucks. Not only do they differ in types of freight but they also differ in the implementation of technology and features.

Thanks to the online world, the buyers can choose the type of truck by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

In addition, they can learn about the newest models of the best semi truck nationally and internationally before it is even available on the market.

What is more important is that trucks are also changing the fuel options which makes the demand for the best semi truck even higher.

Having said this, if previously semi trucks used diesel, nowadays are more options of natural gas available.

Moreover, there are different types of truck cabins which an owner-operator can look at online and choose the best semi truck with the cabin the most suits him.

And the best part about the semi trucks is that regardless of the freight class, these trucks can handle an unimaginable number of tons.

The Battle of Best Semi Truck Manufacturers

With all this to consider, the question must be answered: which truck manufacturer is the best?

It seems that Freightliner, Volvo, and Kenworth, have all managed to maintain their prestige in this market.

Looking at the distribution of the 3 manufacturers, the majority of the used trucks fell in the previous years.

the battle of best semi truck manufacturers

Additionally, 56.8% of the used Freightliner trucks were models from 2011 to 2013. The same years for Kenworth showed 53.2% and 69.8% for Volvo.

The average age for Freightliner in the first quarter of the past four years was down to 5 years in 2016.

Regarding the sleeper cab trucks, Freightliner again held the highest percentage at 41% followed by Volvo at 38%.

best semi truck manufacturer battle


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Given its impact, Freightliner clearly had the largest volume on the market. To put it differently, these statistics left Kenworth with only 8.4%.

Regardless of who was the best over the year, they all pretty much balance the weight of the purchase on the market.

In order to decide which truck manufacturer is the best choice according to your preferences, you can find out about each producer’s features down below.

Let’s begin!


Freightliner is a company which has nearly a century of experience in the truck manufacturing industry.

With a wide range of trucks that can handle different and multiple jobs, I must admit they truly offer some of the best semi truck types.

Having mentioned the variety of trucks, they offer the market the following:

  • On-highway
  • Medium duty
  • Severe Duty Trucks

The title as the top-seller of semi trucks in America says a lot about their popularity among buyers on the market.

Freightliner as one of best semi truck

As an illustration, on average, they sell over 190,000 trucks on annual basis.

Freightliner not only is famous on the market but also known as the largest manufacturer of the best semi truck.

The company is founded back in 1942 and is constantly investing in innovative technology and the future of trucking.

For instance, there is a Super Truck with a cutting edge technology as well as aerodynamic style.

best semi truck Freightliner

Regarding the over the road options, there are a day cab, a sleeper cab and a crew cab option. Additionally, these long-haul models are aerodynamically efficient in order to get the best drive produced by the engine.

On average, the best semi truck generates 350 to 600 horsepower which is not helpful but perfect for the large hauling.

Illustrating all these amazing features, there is no wonder Freightliner has a price increase.

Medium Duty Trucks

Talking about capabilities, the Freightliner trucks can haul from light to medium cargo.

However, what makes them quite interesting among the buyers is their ability to transport enormous loads.

As a matter of fact, they have the power to transport extreme loads while moving with the speed of a fire truck or ambulance.

best semi truck Freightliner Medium Duty Trucks

The versatility of the trucks ranges from the capability of horsepower of around 200 to 500 making them quite efficient vehicles for small businesses.

A Freightliner medium truck is considered as the best semi truck because of its capacity to handle the toughest loads which are challenges to maneuver.

Yet, these lightweight trucks can operate with a horsepower output of 280 to 300.

Safety Features

Once the trucks are completely created from the engineering studio, they are put through a rigorous physical testing.

As an illustration, the testing studio provides capacity and safety testing as well.

best semi truck Freightliner Features

The vehicles are tested whether they can prevent accidents which correspond to complying with FMCSA, DOT or DOL regulations.

This is due to the importance of obeying the Hours of Service (HOS) together with the safety laws.

Fueling Options

As mentioned above, what makes a Freightliner vehicle the best semi truck model is its variety of gas use.

In addition, a natural gas is the most alternative choice for the Freightliner editions.

best semi truck Fueling Options

In other words, it is available for sleeper and day cab on the long haul models

The main benefit of the natural gas use is that it allows trucks to leave a smaller footprint of carbon and fuel conservation.

Unique Features

Creating the best semi truck editions, Freightliner uses a cutting-edge technology used to coordinate several factors.

As such are the engines, the transmissions as well as the axles to work together and make the truck move in a more efficient way.

Running on Detroit Powertrain, it also involves a bumper mounted radar and a camera which is mounted on each truck on the windshield.

best semi truck Freightliner Unique Features

This is a feature which protects drivers and makes it easier to cope with the TSA or BLS regulations.

What is even more extraordinary about the features is that it improves the uptime and at the same time minimizes the trucking costs of a transportation company.



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