Top 10 Problems That Owner Operators Are Facing Today

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The trucking industry sees a massive growth and trends. However, the number of pressures that owner operators are facing increases as well.

With this in mind, the need of attentive drivers becomes even larger.

The question is: Are owner operators able to become attentive truck drivers, or the highways are constantly throwing bullets on them?

This is an active and serious matter in the trucking business for owner operators.

To continue with, this is mostly due to the roadways’ congestion in America.

Regarding the issues, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), made an annual research.

Correspondingly, the study has shown that more than 80% of the owner operators are battling productivity loss.

Among the problems that owner operators are facing on a daily basis is the coping with the regulations of the Government.

Additionally, here are the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System (SAFER) included as well.

Consequently, these issues or challenges have grown and have created a serious and massive disturbance in the driving process.

Having said this, here are the main problems which are constantly affecting the owner operators on the road:

1. Distracted Driving

Probably not the biggest but the most common issue that the owner operators are facing in the trucking industry is a distraction.

To begin with, this problem is mostly present because of the rapid advancement of technology. As you are already familiar with, there are thousands of devices made to ease our everyday lives including in the trucking industry.

owner operators distracted driving

In addition to this, the owner operators and other truck drivers get distracted by the use of mobile phones and other gadgets.

Furthermore, together with these technology improvements, there are particular future trends in the trucking industry.

With regards to this, the carriers, as well as owner operators, need to follow these trends in order to make their trucking business succeed.

owner operators driving distraction

Moreover, even beneficial for the business, the GPS trackers could be a distraction sometimes.

Additionally, they are following the upcoming rules and trends in the industry in order to create profit and success.

However, they miss one thing in the road to profit.

Notably, these owner operators fail to obey safe driving.

owner operators distraction

In particular, the driver distraction leads to truck accidents.

Nonetheless, there are ways to prevent the distraction driving by doing the following:

  • Use The Mobile Phone Only When Stopped
  • Plan The Route
  • Drive Fully Rested
  • Secure Your Cargo Right
  • Avoid Eating While Driving

2. Parking Shortage

Dealing with a truck parking spot is a serious problem in America. Regarding this, truck drivers are probably facing this issue on a daily basis.

Having said this, the parking shortage is even more serious for the independent drivers.

In fact, the parking shortages are considered as a national challenge and a safety concern.

owner operators parking shortage

More importantly, drivers and mostly owner operators consider this one of the greatest problems in the trucking industry.

First of all, they cannot find a parking spot.

Second, if they find one on the open road, it is not safe.

Having said this, the parking shortage is a serious problem in the United States. With regards to this, if the state does not do anything about the problem then you could try to.

owner operators parking

Remember: Safety is always a number one priority in trucking.

Notably, as a solution, it is always best if you make a deal with a particular truck stop. No matter if you are a local delivery driver or an OTR trucker, you can close a deal.

Furthermore, you can even choose the best truck stops in the US that are near your driving route.

For example, there is the Fegley oil company which makes deals with clients.

Moreover, they have restaurants, offer fuel cards, business cards and more importantly, they have paved parking.

In particular, it could be an additional expense for you but for one thing, you will feel safe.

3. Falling Freight Rates

Starting a trucking business is not easy at all. Especially if you are working independently as an owner operator.

Although you are driven by success and the profit you could make on your own, the problems are there to put you down on your feet.

Possibly drive your business backward.

owner operators parking spot

To continue with, the freight rates are one of the most common problems. Furthermore, owner operators are in a constant battle with the freight rates.

It is like waiting for something you could hardly or never have, it is a labyrinth.

Having said this, the owner operators are having a hard time finding reliable freight rates.

owner operators freight rates

If you ask an owner operator, then you will discover that the best freight rates can be received for flatbed loads.

The owner operators are not only facing difficulty finding ideal rates but finding good rates is a challenging task for them.


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After learning this, you will know that being an independent driver is not that easy. On the contrary, it takes patience and a professional knowledge of the industry.

4. Driver Health

Point often overlooked, owner operators and other drivers in trucking, are in a constant battle with their health.

True, there are always exceptions but there should be made a drastic change in this.

More importantly, if you are a truck driver and you spend most of the time in your truck, that does not make you physically unable to jog or hit the gym.

According to personal trainers, it is necessary for a truck driver to train. For example, if you are in lack of time, you could keep a jumping rope in your truck and do jump rope workout.

Notably, the stretching is helpful too. It is the least you can do in order to avoid back pain or leg pain.



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