IFTA Stickers for all States

9 Important Things to Know About IFTA Stickers

The overall idea that stands behind the International Fuel Tax Agreement and IFTA stickers was to have a single permit. That way the taxes were enabled to be accessible by one authority. Which later on distributes it to States and localities.

This leads us to the following question.

1. Which are the advantages of the International Fuel Tax Agreement and IFTA stickers?

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Since the International Fuel Tax Agreement has been designed to reduce the administrative burden of reporting fuel taxes, straight proportionally it is offering numerous advantages, such as are the following:

  • Trucking companies get to use a single fuel tax license. This fuel tax license is being issued by the base jurisdiction authorizing travel in all IFTA jurisdictions;
  • Fuel tax audits that are being performed by the base jurisdiction;
  • Quarterly tax report. This report is being filled only with the base jurisdiction for reporting operations;

So, let’s learn how IFTA and IFTA Stickers are helping trucking companies in improving their workflow!

2. How Does the International Fuel Tax Agreement and IFTA Stickers Work

Every now and then we meet people in the trucking world that often question IFTA.



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