IFTA Stickers for all States

9 Important Things to Know About IFTA Stickers

Just a simple glimpse into the past can reveal us the importance of the International Fuel Tax Agreement- IFTA and IFTA stickers.

Back in the day, before IFTA was introduced to the U.S. trucking industry, drivers were required to purchase fuel permits from each state in which they were traveling.

Prior to that, truckers were losing time to stop and purchase permits, which was beginning to cause additional route miles.

And we all know what that means in the trucking world.

So, in order to improve the overall trucking industry, at the beginning of 1980’s officials from Washington, Iowa and Arizona made an agreement to start using a single permit.

Source: www.2290tax.com

That way they improved the workflow of many trucking companies back in the day. Just in the same manner as the International Fuel Tax Agreement- IFTA is helping the trucking industry nowadays.

Nonetheless, just 15 years later, all 48 States including 10 Canadian Provinces joined the IFTA Agreement.



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