9 Easy Steps On How To Install a Hardwired GPS Tracking Device

The first thing to do is to connect it directly to the battery’s car or use an additional battery for it.

In order to make a contact with the battery, you need a magnetic resistant case.

Source: www.youtube.com

To continue with, this is what you need to do at the very beginning:

  • Connect the wire tracker with 12 V supply.
  • Then the ground 1 with the tracker’s ground.

This draws power from the ignition directly and you should not take a radio connection while connecting white and red wire together.

Important Tip: Connecting the dedicated security batteries brings an instant shift on emergency batteries to send alerts on last used location.

Source: www.youtube.com

Another crucial factor is to choose a place where the hardwired GPS tracking device is protected from bad weather.

It is best if you place it closer to the windscreen in order to get access to the incoming as well as the outgoing signal of the GPS tracking systems easily.



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