Truck Scale Penalties

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History of Truck Scales – How Everything Started

It is a history almost 100 years old and it keeps to be active nowadays too. Everything started back in 1913 when state of Maine was the first state to introduce weight inspection and rule of maximum allowed weigh of 18.000 pounds was voted.


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State of Maine was not the only one that introduced these kind of rules but was the most harsh one when set the weigh limit to 18.000 pounds. Another three states also followed the rule and most liberal of them was Massachusetts that set the weight limit to maximum 28.000 pounds – almost double the limit os state Maine.

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Back in those years 18.000 or 28.000 pounds sounded like a huge weight but that fact should be looked from the perspective that state authorities become aware of these limitations and they started to implement this rules to make some order in the industry.

First quarter of 20th century was really turbulent time for trucking industry where huge part of the industry was used is some ways of illegal activities and state authorities become to realize that in order to control such a huge giant trucking industry is – they need to have rules and regulations that will provide such control.



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