Beyond GPS Technology: The Next Generation Of Tracking


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Another important role of the GPS technology is the ability to prevent expenses by keeping the drivers aware of the vehicle’s speed.

If a driver exceeds the speed limit, the management team immediately notifies them to slow down.

GPS Technology Concentrates on Efficiency

If a driver takes time to ask for directions each time he’s traveling than the on-time delivery will not go according to the plan.

On the contrary, it will waste the precious time of the driver and straight proportionally will cause loss of the company’s revenue.

These might be considered small factors but these and missing appointments regardless of the importance can break or make a business.


Using GPS technology to prevent drivers from getting lost on unfamiliar streets, will definitely lead your business to success.

In this way, you will be familiar with the quickest route to get to a destination.

This can be a lifesaver for businesses traveling to unfamiliar cities or meeting with potential strategic partners in foreign countries.

Aggregate Information Data

One of the most exciting and at the same time useful applications for businesses are the applications that generate information,

If a company has data on the vehicle’s usage, on its location and other data, the GPS technology can eliminate costs and dangers.

To put it in another way, a vehicle GPS tracker can include the following features:

  • Smart traffic lights or police lights
  • Spreading the signal
  • Information that travels fast to quickly avoid a situation

A smart GPS technology can prevent blackouts and brownouts.

This technology can also be a heavy lifter in the adoption of solar and wind power. Thus, the buildings can be served consistently.

What companies and business could also benefit from the GPS devices is the following:

  • Smart factory management
  • Using fog computing
  • Tracking progress
  • Keep track of maintenance needs

GPS Technology in Transportation

The smart technology is affecting transportation and causing a tectonic change. There are a lot ot GPS related apps affecting the industries to get navigation benefits.

Moreover, the companies are starting to get addicted to the high-precision guidance systems.


The concepts implemented in the technology range according to the needs of the businesses. However, one thing is certain – they use it to increase revenue and productivity.

Most of the features in GPS trackers for vehicles focus on navigation, maps, a communication interface and real-time services.

The location-based services are the most popular among the GPS trackers for business on the market.

This is mostly due to the geological data the businesses collect in order to increase the company’s development.


Together with the GPS technology, the number of smart cities increases in a way that it facilitates “transportation polycultures”.

In this way, the transport will not become more efficient but more effective and sustainable as well.

To put it in a different way, the benefits of GPS in a public transport are the following:

  • Decreased traffic congestion
  • Less money spent on transportation
  • Minimized pollution

How It Improves Planning and Schedule Success Rates

On the road, things rarely go according to the plan. With an excellent geofencing system, a company can efficiently provide customer service.

More importantly, the logistics team can learn to work more efficiently in the delivery. In other words, they can learn to reduce the failure rates while improving the location planning.


Software companies are developing geofencing avoidance technologies for two reasons:

  • To accelerate the adoption rates
  • Ensure regulatory improvement

Smarter GPS technology means a safer technology as well. This also includes better regulation of the traffic and vehicles.

There is a strong potential for the upgraded geofencing technologies, and the companies can take significant advantage of the progress.

Managers can be able to rely on the system in order to prevent risks, improve customer service and decrease failed deliveries.

Augmented Reality

It is scientifically proved that no human is immune to stress.  There are drivers who forget to provide adequate signals to pedestrians and other fellow drivers while driving.

For this reason, a mistaken signal can invite dangers on the road.

The sensors are able to recognize the following:

  • Presence of pedestrians near the vehicle
  • Alarms to signal over speeding
  • Signaling entry of the vehicle into a restricted area

These are the features that are already implemented in a GPS or can be additionally implemented, depending on the customer’s needs.

A vehicle GPS tracking provides directions rod drivers in order to ease the driving.

With the improvisation of the GPS technology, a business is able to take a glance at the driver’s information on the screen.


Another important feature of the business GPS is the ability to get voice-based messages.

A driver and fleet managers can use different tones in order to alert the driver to slow down.

How amazing are these features?

Software Advancement

Together with the rapid advancement of the GPS technology, the software advances as well.

In other words, they are becoming more sophisticated than those of the previous generations and come with enhanced capabilities.

They send real-time data on location and movement. For this reason, it is becoming popular in other industries as well.


Real-time vehicle tracking found its way in the following industries:

  • Mining
  • Landscaping
  • Construction
  • HVAC
  • Transportation
  • Plumbing
  • Pest Control etc.

The companies that work hard to get results want to have the best resources and tools for the job. With this in mind, they all decide for the precision in the transmitted location and movement information.

The new generation of GPS trackers has technology which produces any location information on the earth.


Having said this, the industries get an advantage of the following:

  • Enhanced mapping capabilities
  • Integration of resources like Google Maps
  • Detailed, precise and accurate maps

Apart from the earlier GPS software with the limited capability of keeping tabs on a single device the modern devices are more sophisticated.



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