Car Rental NYC: How To Find The Best Deals

So, if you are heading out for a professional stay at NYC- make sure that your company’s HR department checks for any possible discounts for you!

Ask For A Drop-Off Grace Period In Advance

Are you one of those people who are prone to being late?

Well, now that you are taking car rental NYC- you should pay attention to the drop-off grace period that the company from which you are renting your car can offer you.

Generally speaking car rental companies in NYC are offering a grace period of 30 min. Even there are car rental companies that can offer you the advantage of charging you hourly- by that they are excluding the options to charge you for a full day use.

car rental NYC grace period

Yet, regardless of what type of a drop-off grace period you will get- remember that you will always be charged more. So, that might be enough motivation for you to get to return the rented car on time.

Unforeseen circumstances can happen to everyone- yet one must always be alerted to leave to the car rental company on time.

Nonetheless, find the best car rental NYC deal by checking which car rental company can offer you the best drop-off grace period.


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Don’t Book through the Agency’s Website

There are multiple reasons why you should never book a car through the agency’s website.

Actually, it should be the last place to book a car rental through.

Skip Insurance

We’ve come to the insurance part.

Now it is time to reveal that you are always insured when driving a rental car. It comes by default.

So, by this you will be enabled to skip the insurance when you book a car- it can save you from $30 up to $60.

Use HOTWIRE.COM For Discounts

HOTWIRE.COM is your escape from booking expensive car rental NYC.

This site can help you find car rentals that can be up to 50% off than what you would have booked directly in a car rental company.


Yet, on the other side prepayment is a must. Still, prepaying rental cars is always a useful and good recommendation for the ones who are traveling abroad.

If I may say, on the negative side- you would not know for which car rental company you are going to rent up until the moment when you make the payment. This might pose a risk, but at the end, it might bring you a positive experience and more money in your pocket.

Book Multiple Cars- Then Cancel as Rates Get Lower

Booking and canceling a rental car reservation can be done at any moment. There are no fees coming with either one of it.


That is why many people nowadays when it comes to car rental NYC are booking multiple cars, and then they are canceling as rates get lower. That way they are getting to the cheapest rate for their period of stay in NYC.

Nonetheless, if you want to take this tip into reality, have in mind that you will be required to check your dates very often. It can be even considered as a lucrative solution.

Ask About Fees

The most common mistake that most of us getting a car rental NYC make is not asking about any possible fees that come with the car rental.

car rental NYC

So, the first thing that you should do before you rent a car is to check for all possible fees. That way you will make sure that you will pay the primarily set bill.

Yet, there are few common charges and fees that car rental companies can bring you.

Out-of-State Charges

You were planning for car rental NYC and heading out on a road trip?

Well, you might consider checking out in the car rental company- whether it is allowed to drive out of the state with the car. Also, If it is allowed, what types of charger you will face.


County taxes are nothing new for car rental companies.

Almost all car rental companies in NYC are adding on taxes. Which means that every car rental company has their own sales tax rates.

Mileage Fees

Yet, mileage fees are one more thing that you should be alerted about when renting a car.

Although we are used to renting cars from car rental companies that are offering unlimited miles- there are car rental NYC that do apply mileage fees. Yet these fees can range dependently from the type of vehicle you are renting.

In addition, by knowing all facts and figures about whether the car rental company you are renting a car from applies mileage fees- you will be in the position to know how far you can drive.

Fuel Charges

To continue with the fuel charges.

Did you know that after rental fuel charges are leading to a lot of common complaints?

Most car rental NYC companies do require from their customers to return the car that they have rented with a full tank of gas.

car rental NYC fuel charges

In addition, if it happens that the car rental company requires that, and the customer does not fulfill his part of the agreement, then they will apply you additional fuel charges.

Also, there are some rental companies that will provide you with the option to pre-purchase a full tank of gas when you first take the car.

Keep in mind that there is usually no refund for the unused fuel.


Hey! I'm George J. Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 100 Things To Know About GPS and Fleet Management.

Free ebook

Roadside Assistance Fees

It is always recommendable for you to find a car rental company that includes roadside assistance fees.

After all, you cannot predict the right condition of the car that you are renting. Everything can happen.

Once you find a car rental company that can offer you roadside assistance, you will have to find all details about what it will cover you.

For example, it might happen that you have a flat tire, or you might get your keys locked in the car- make sure that all possible situations are covered.


All in all, finding the best deals with car rental NYC is not that hard if you know the needed tips and tricks. With the tips that I have included in this article you will be in the situation to find the best deal- even though you are coming in NYC for the first time, or you are using car rental NYC for the first time.



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