10 Tips To Avoid Legal Claims When Applying GPS Employee Tracking

The implementation of the newly developed GPS technologies is becoming more common in all industries.

Proportionally to that tracking and monitoring individuals can be noticed in almost all companies that own valuable vehicles and equipment.

Also, a company owner can as well implement GPS employee tracking with the aim to have a better insight of their work.

By that to see which employee needs additional training.

Yet, the GPS tracking solutions seem to have derived numerous benefits to companies that have implemented one in their daily activities.

So, with the implementation of the GPS employee tracking technologies brought numerous law enforcement.

Thereupon, company owners who are tracking their employees should try to avoid legal claims when applying these technologies.

Remember that employees are always under protection by the law.

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In general, the GPS technologies can provide employers with useful information.

While the employer is gathering information about the work-related activities of the employee everything will remain fine.

What might cause any legal claims is the case when the employer wants to track the employee while he is off duty.

Correspondingly, employees do have their private lives, and it is none of the employer’s business.

Further, in this article, you can read and learn tips that can help companies avoid legal claims when applying GPS employee tracking into their daily work life.

So, let’s take a look!

1. The Law & GPS Tracking

Thanks to the rise of the technology, companies nowadays have the chance to have a clear insight of all activities going on in their company on a daily basis.

Unlike it was the case before the rise of the GPS employee tracking.

Therefore, the rise of the technology brought many tools that seem to provide help to owners, fleet managers as well as employees.

So, there is no doubt that the GPS brought numerous improvements in various industries.

So, looking at the laws for GPS tracking, we can see that it is generally legal to use GPS tracking solutions if:

  • You or your company own the vehicle or the asset that you are tracking;
  • If you are tracking your children- who are under 18;
  • If you are tracking a vehicle or asset for which you have a legal repossession for;
  • If you own the vehicle or asset that might be taken/stolen from you;

On the other hand, it is illegal to use a GPS tracking solution:

  • If you are tracking partner or employees without their knowledge;
  • If you are not the owner of the vehicle or asset that you are tracking;
Source: www.nowlandstone.com

Still, the companies that decide to implement GPS employee tracking should clearly understand the rights of their employees. More precisely the rights of the employees that they are tracking.

Hence, technology is definitely evolving faster than lawmakers are, but still, that does not have to be the reason behind owners not respecting their employees.

What company owners and employees should do is to find a common ground and agreement before any GPS tracking implementation takes place.


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Just before you start with the implementation of tracking devices you should make sure that you have all the information in regards of the laws governing GPS tracking.

In addition, have in mind to pay attention to the Fourth Amendment as well as to other state or federal laws- which are related to persons’ privacy.

Tip: Keep in mind that if you invade your employees’ privacy, then you will definitely get faced with legal claims. Straight proportionally to that, you will lose customers.

2. Responsible GPS Employee Tracking

Only through responsible GPS employee tracking, companies can avoid any possible legal claims.

With the implementation of GPS employee tracking companies should make sure that they are not violating employee’s privacy.

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If a company keeps the information provided with the monitoring process for their business purposes and is not abusing that information, then legal claims will remain far away from your legal reach.

All in all, the employer should always get their employees informed when they are being monitored. As well as what that can mean to their work.

In general, companies are most commonly monitoring the following points:

  • Location;
  • Driver activity for business purposes;
  • Safety;

So, the number one rule that employers and fleet managers should remember is that under current laws they must notify their employees for any possible GPS monitoring equipment installed on their company vehicles with which they are operating presently.

Source: mobiocean.com

Companies should always play wise. Implement GPS employee tracking, but do not forget to protect your business and employee interests.

Moreover, employee monitoring will always remain to be legal if the company is using the GPS for the following aims:

Still, employees should always remain informed about the aim of the GPS implementation.

3. How Beneficial is GPS Employee Tracking

The GPS technology has shown to be very beneficial for numerous industries. Alike is the case with GPS employee tracking.

In general, we can notice that the laws do affect the GPS technology. It can be seen both on a micro as well as on macro levels.

Thereupon, for example, the GPS employee tracking can benefit companies in the following way:

  • To lower the insurance rates;
  • Lower the fuel consumption;
  • Spend less time on traffic jams and unnecessary breaks;
  • Reduced labor costs;

As you can see, this is just a brief insight of how beneficial the GPS employee tracking can be for companies.

Source: uattend.com.au


Here are few additional benefits that companies can enjoy by implementing GPS employee tracking:

Improve Driver Morale

Driver morale can be improved considerably with the application of GPS tracking system. Through implementing GPS employee tracking the driver will definitely improve its performance.



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