Exclusive Guide To Choose Best Car Hauling Company 1

Exclusive Guide To Choose Best Car Hauling Company

Choosing the best car hauling company is crucial when deciding to move your vehicle from one place to another. A good car hauler will give you a decent price and greatly assist you in the process of transporting your car.

Exclusive Guide To Choose Best Car Hauling Company 1
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Unfortunately, there have been reported a lot of scams in the auto transportation industry and FMCSA has received an alarmingly big increase in complaints against auto transporters and auto transport brokers.


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Luckily for you,there are several things you do take in order to protect yourself from scams and choose the best car hauling company. And there are a lot of reasons to hire a car hauler rather than to do it yourself. I will guide you through the process step by step.

1. Search Internet To Get Idea Which Car Hauling Company Suits You Best

Finding the best car hauling company should be easy and simple, but the reality not quite like that. Still, there are some guides on how to find the best car hauler. You can search the web using key words such as “transportation”, “car transportation” or “car hauling” to find companies in your area. This way you can find reputable companies, but perhaps not the cheapest ones.

Exclusive Guide To Choose Best Car Hauling Company 2
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After finding 3 or more companies that offer services that suit you, research them. Research each company and use the information about other people’s experiences with the company. Research the company by simply typing the company’s name in quotes in a web browser. If you want to perform a more detailed search, add the work “complaint” to your search.

Bare in mind that most popular review websites might not be always accurate. That is why you should also perform a standard “offline” research. Call multiple companies and ask for detailed information. Ask your friends if they used a car hauling company and which one, what was their experience like, or if they haven’t, ask them if they know some good or bad companies. Review different quotes, terms & conditions and online review. Any info you can get will be useful.

Make an informed decision before choosing a car hauler. Last but not least, make sure the carriers they assign are licensed and legal. Familiarize yourself with the company’s dispute resolution procedures, such as delays and damages.

2. Get Multiple Quotes From Different Car Hauler Companies

Beside checking the company’s reputation and reading online reviews, another important and deciding factor can be price. Most car haulers have the option to get a quote right on their website, which is very convenient.

In order to receive the most accurate rate, you must enter all information correctly. Most automatic quotes you will receive are for operable, standard passenger vehicles. Anything extra, for example car modifications such as lift kits, lowered suspensions, bigger tires, or cars that do not run will cost more for the size, weight and conditions of the carrier.

I advise you to not use multi-quote websites. That way you will volunteer your information such as email address and phone number to many different companies. That can and most probably will result in receiving unwanted emails and phone calls.

Compare the quotes you get with services the companies provide, and see which one will provide you your money’s worth. Sometimes if worth to go with the more expensive deal because of additional perks, such as use of new car hauling trucks, door to door transportation etc. But when that’s not so important, you can opt in for a cheaper option.

3.Ask What Is Their Insurance Coverage

Every car hauling company has to have insurance. It’s obligatory by law for the auto transporter company to carry a valid insurance certificate and be able to present it when asked. You can learn more about car hauling insurance here.

There are many companies that include a waiver in their contract which negates them of any responsibility for any potential damage that may happen to your vehicle during transport. Therefore, you should always double check what is the company’s insurance policy before making a decision. Make sure to get everything in writing, especially if you make special agreements. This will protect you in case something unpredicted happens.

Exclusive Guide To Choose Best Car Hauling Company 3
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You should find out whether the company covers and damage that occurs during the car shipping process. Ask if they cover the whole part or certain parts of it, or if you will be required to pay deductible if any damages occur. One of the most common legal issues in the trucking industry is companies not paying insurance.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

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Another wise thing to do is to check with your own insurance company. Depending on your policy, your auto-insurance may have included coverage for your vehicle while in transport. But don’t assume, ask to make sure.

4.Check The Equipment Condition

Your car should travel placed on the back of a truck trailer from point A to point be, exposed to all kinds of environmental factor. This means that a lot of things can happen and potentially damage it. And whether you are moving your vehicle only few hundred mile or several thousands, it should arrive to the destination safely. Your car’s safety is very important when considering car hauling. And the condition of the hauling equipment can play a great role in that.

Exclusive Guide To Choose Best Car Hauling Company 4
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Another important factor before choosing a car hauling company is the condition of the equipment they use. If they take care of their own truck they will care for your vehicle as well, or they should. The newer the car hauling trucks, the better. But, even if the company uses slightly older truck, ask if they are regularly serviced and check if they are in a decent condition.

My advice to you is to ask for the newest car hauling trucks, especially is you need to haul your car to a more distant location. This is important since the chance for a new truck to break down is lot smaller opposed to a used one.

5. Small Car Hauler Companies vs Large Car Hauler Companies

Like with all other businesses, you will encounter small and big car hauling companies. Each of them will have attractive aspects, and ones you won’t be keen on. There’s no ideal car hauler, but there are different options you can choose from. Find out all you can about each business and ask them to give you detailed information about their services. The size of the company might make a different when trying to negotiate a better price or get something extra in the deal.



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