How to Choose the Best Trailer Tires

Learn How To Choose The Best Trailer Tires

Every part of your truck is important! The engine is the part of the truck where we are the most worried, is it working properly, is it maintained properly and many other concerns when it comes to the condition and the driving shape of the engine.


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OK, without an engine you would not be able to do your job, which is to transport the load from one point to another. If your engine is not properly maintained, will stop working and you will have downtime, big additional expenses to recover it or to buy a new engine for your truck.

Your trailer tires are directly exposed to the road, they are the only part that is directly linked to the ground and imagine if you have bad trailer tires and in one moment they lose the stability over your truck, what you think, how the outcome would be?

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. I am trying to show you the total picture here, only one tire that is out of shape can be a reason for disaster. Only one trailer tire can put your load in danger and not to mention your life too.

Choose the best trailer tires for your truck to protect your load, the drivers around you and the most important your own life.

Choose Trailer Tires According Your Needs

Every vehicle had its own needs and the recommended type for trailer tires. Find your trailer tires that are compatible with your needs, which are meeting your driving habits and the type and weight of the load that you are transporting.

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Commercial trailer tires are designed specifically for

  • Long mileage
  • To handle heavy loads
  • To have the best performance in all conditions (snow, ice, rain, heat)

When it is time for buying new trailer tires have in mind that every aspect connected with your freight can affect on the trailer tires choice. What is your service type?

  • Long Haul
  • Mix service
  • Regional service
  • Urban driving

Find the trailer tires that will be according to your

  • Budget
  • Speed rating
  • Load capacity

The type of the truck cab and trailer are different. Be careful about that. Your trailer carries the weight of the load and it needs to be equipped with trailer tires that can handle that load and also that can provide low road resistance and great performance on the curves. The trailer tires need to be very flexible on every truck cab command.

If you find the trailer tires that are the perfect fit for your needs you can save fuel and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Additional advice:

The original trailer tires (manufacturer’s recommended trailer tire type) are always a great choice when you need to buy new ones.

Choose between Premium and Low end Suppliers

When it comes to the quality we all know what to choose. But when it comes to the money we are not always able to do what we wish.

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The premium suppliers offer range of great parameters of the trailer tires as:

  • Fuel saving compounds
  • Side shield design that gives protection from curb damage
  • Optimized tread
  • Mold design that gives secure footprint on the ground
  • High quality rubber with additional compounds and material layers for stable operation and easy truck handling

If you cannot afford to spend a lot of money you can always find and choose between premium types and a low end suppliers. Choose the middle priced trailer tire that has optimal quality. The market is full with trailer tires manufacturers that can offer the customer good quality with approachable price.

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Cheap is not always money save approach. Not at least when it comes to trailer tires. Cheap tires can be damaged easily than the high quality ones, and if you do not make daily walk outs around your truck, you can miss the tire damage and with that, you will become vulnerable on penalties because you break the FMCSA safety regulations.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

The trailer tires need to cover at least the middle quality if you want to save money on tires, but yet will keep a good driving performance and maintain good company safety records.

Search For Low Prices with National Sellers

Why should we buy trailer tires from national sellers? It is always smart to contact the national sellers instead of regional sellers if you want to find a good quality trailer tires for the lower price.

The reason is that the national sellers buy bigger quantity from the manufacturer and for that they get a bigger discount and as a result of that they can afford to give you a lower price on the trailer tires.

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They usually have 40 outlets in four or more regions across the country.  It is a fact that they have lower prices on the market but the positive point is that they can lower the regular prices even more for long term customers.

Make a smart move and offer them your loyalty as a customer and for the return, you will have a chance to enjoy their special treatment. They can offer you discounts or other privileges that will give you an opportunity to cut your expenses and increase your profit on an annual base.

Buy Them In Advance Not When is Urgent

In our life, we can learn from our mistakes and make a different choice in the future. That is why the human is dominating specie on the planet. I can count few times when I pay more that I should for some product or repair expense when I thought that there is plenty of time to do that.

When the time is limited we are all forced to pay more to do the repair quickly and save on downtime. That is OK when we are pushed in the corner and we don’t have other choice or different way to handle the situation. The most important in the trucking business is to make sure that our trucks are on the road no matter what.

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Trucks need to keep rolling because that is how we make money. With every second that our trucks are away from the road, we increase our expenses and lower our profit. You can confirm this too because everybody at one point felt this bitter taste. Not very pleasant, right?



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