Discover 10 Different Types Of Truck Driving Jobs

When it comes to the annual local truck driver job salary, we can see that it can be accounted to $30.200. It is recommendable for the truck drivers that want to take a chance with this kind of truck driving job opportunity to take into consideration the telecommunication companies and post office transportation job opportunities.

4. Regional Truck Driving Jobs

Well, if you are a family-oriented person, but still you want to continue your career as a truck driver, then the best option that you’ll have is to find a regional truck driving job.

In fact, regional truck driving jobs are considered to be one of the best, because truck drivers are usually on the road for 5 days a week, and have free weekends.

Yet, every truck driving job has it’s pros and cons. So, in that direction, when it comes to the cons that regional truck driving jobs brings to truck drivers is the unpredictable freight.


Well, in regards of the salary, which is also a very important component in each job opportunity, I can say that there is not a big difference between the salary of regional truck driving jobs and other truck driving jobs.

Here and there, the duties that the regional truck driving jobs bring are almost the same as the other truck driving jobs are requiring.

If we take a glimpse we can see that regional truck driving jobs have appeared thanks to the production companies that have divided their facilities in different regions. This way truck drivers have seen the light at the end of the tunnel; that is to say there are more opportunities for regional driving jobs.

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Henceforth, regional truck driving jobs are also contemplating as an interesting mix between hitting the road and home-time. This job opportunity can lead you to experience all the adventures that the open road brings, and yet you get to spend more time with your loved ones.

There is no wonder why regional truck driving jobs are considered to be one of the best job opportunities for dedicated truck drivers. Regional truck driving jobs will bring you more money and will allow you to keep a good relationship with your loved ones. What more a truck driver could ask for!

5. OTR- Long Haul Truck Driving Jobs

OTR or better said long haul truck driving jobs is what keeps America moving. The OTR truck driving jobs requires from truck drivers to be highly skilled, and to know how to handle any given situation.


Therefore, OTR truck drivers are spending most of their time driving on the open road. Transporting the vast majority of cargo and customer goods is their main duty.

Many OTR truck drivers tend to state that this trucking job is actually a family killer. And, if we summarize all facts and figures we can see that it’s correct. That is so because OTR truck drivers stay on the road for at least 3 weeks, and they don’t have a lot of down time to spend with their loved ones.


On the other hand, OTR truck driving jobs do bring bigger money, and better benefits. The average salary of truck drivers is usually up to $73.000 dollars a year. Yet, the salary depends from the miles driven, the time-efficiency, as well as of safe load delivery.

Moreover, continual training are the core for the success and good performance of truck drivers. So every trucking company shall provide continual OTR truck driver training.

Henceforth, OTR truck driving jobs do have positive sides; these truck drivers have a 95% of no-touch freight, and that makes their job easier and enjoyable. Yet, many trucking companies nowadays do understand the complexity of OTR truck driving jobs. In that direction have customized regular home time and continual training. All that with one purpose to make their life and job easier.

6. Specialized Truck Driving Jobs

Being a truck driver, requires skills but moreover it requires courage and determination, because this is not like any other regular job. Therefore, if you are a truck driver who wants to earn more money, and by that to meet bigger challenges, then the specialized truck driving jobs would be most suitable for you.


But before you take any step further you should know that being a heavy duty truck hauler requires a lot of experience, dedication, and continual training.

Nowadays, the specialized truck driving jobs have expanded, and truck drivers that want to enter in this field of trucking industry, have the chance to choose from:

Henceforth, when it comes to specialized truck driving jobs categorization, I must not forget to mention the hazardous material transportation. It is crystal clear that specialized truck driving jobs do require a lot of experience. As well as a lot of undergone training.

So, the truck drivers that are operating with hazardous materials shall be informed and familiar with the general requirements that are issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation(DOT) Hazardous Materials Regulations(HMR).

Therefore, each truck driver that is transporting hazardous materials should be able to recognize as well as identify the hazardous materials. And how will truck drivers be able to recognize and identify the hazardous materials? Well, all hazardous materials are labeled with hazard communication methods. Each symbol that is put on the tanker is designating specific transportation conditions.


The most common hazmat loads that truck drivers are transporting include:

  • Gasoline;
  • Fusees;
  • Flares;
  • Plastic spheres;
  • Diesel;
  • Propane;
  • Drip-torch fuel;

Yet, the U.S. Government has made specific rules when it comes to hazard transportation. There are many restrictions as well as prohibition of hazardous material transportation on some highways and tunnels.

7. Dedicated Truck Driving Jobs

Well, so far we can see that truck drivers have a wide range of truck driving job opportunities to choose from. In that direction, I would like to mention that truck drivers also have the option of choosing a dedicated truck driving job.



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