Discover 10 Different Types Of Truck Driving Jobs

Furthermore, you can take a look at the facts and figures that I have revealed to you in this article about 10 truck driving jobs!

1. Owner Operator or Independent Truck Driving Job

Being a truck driver is cool, whereas being an owner operator truck driver is way cooler. In USA there are more than 350.00 registered owner-operators. All these truck drivers must obey the rules and regulations that are issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association FMCSA. Also, owner-operators should have a Department of Transportation(DOT), as well as Motor Carrier (MC) number.

Thereupon, for whom we can say that is to be an owner-operator? Well, owner-operators are in fact those truck drivers that own and operate with their own trucks, that is to say, the ones that have their own trucking business.

Also, a owner-operator can be a professional truck driver that does not own a trucking business but instead is registered as Professional Employee Driver (PEDs); more precisely these truck drivers are actually working as employees for carriers.



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