Discover 10 Different Types Of Truck Driving Jobs


As we all know, trucking industry expanded in the last decade, and it’s continual growth has brought numerous benefits for truck drivers.

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Nowadays, truck drivers have a wide variety of specialized job opportunities and job titles to apply for. These new job opportunities can bring them new experiences, as well as more money in their pocket.

I firmly believe that there are a lot of ambitious truck drivers, that are interested in new experiences, and in new responsibilities.

Thereupon, I have dedicated this article to the 10 different types of truck driving jobs, and by that, I’ve targeted the truck drivers that want to turn over a new leaf in their life and career. In the light of choosing a more specialized truck driving job, truck drivers are choosing more money to make!

Moreover, specialized types of truck driving jobs pay more, but the effort that the truck driver shall put is bigger too.

So, if you are a truck driver, and you want to start a new chapter in your life, by entering in another career in the trucking industry, then you should do a detailed research before you apply . You should sum up all the pros and cons.

Furthermore, you can take a look at the facts and figures that I have revealed to you in this article about 10 truck driving jobs!

1. Owner Operator or Independent Truck Driving Job

Being a truck driver is cool, whereas being an owner operator truck driver is way cooler. In USA there are more than 350.00 registered owner-operators. All these truck drivers must obey the rules and regulations that are issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association FMCSA. Also, owner-operators should have a Department of Transportation(DOT), as well as Motor Carrier (MC) number.

Thereupon, for whom we can say that is to be an owner-operator? Well, owner-operators are in fact those truck drivers that own and operate with their own trucks, that is to say, the ones that have their own trucking business.

Also, a owner-operator can be a professional truck driver that does not own a trucking business but instead is registered as Professional Employee Driver (PEDs); more precisely these truck drivers are actually working as employees for carriers.

Sometimes even the people that are part of the trucking industry for many years can get confused about the classification of owner operators, and that is so because owner-operators can appear in many business models. Therefore, owner operators are franchising companies for numerous different industries.

To make it simpler, owner operators are the people that are self-employed as commercial truck drivers. In addition, they can also have a small business that they operate with.


Thanks to the Motor Carrier Act of 1980, owner-operators were put in a way better position than before. With this act owner operators were enabled to take control when it comes to setting load transportation prices, almost the same way that larger motor carriers were doing.

Well, in what the operations of owner-operators and large motor carriers differ is in paying higher insurance rate. And that is one of the main reasons why the rates of owner-operators are higher.

Many people get fooled just because of the fact that at first sight the job of the owner operator seems simple and easy, and enter in this business without knowing that there are many things that an owner-operator shall take into consideration before even becoming an owner-operator.

Part of the things that future owner-operators should take into consideration is the business set up. Altogether with that come the accounting part, and the type of the vehicles(with all the needed licenses for that truck).

2. Company Truck Driving Jobs

Company truck drivers are the ones that are driving for a particular trucking company. Thereupon, company truck drivers are operating with trucks and equipment that has been provided to them by their employer.

If we take a glimpse on the overall statistics for truck drivers in the U.S. we can see that the majority of licensed and registered truck drivers have in fact chosen the company truck driving jobs opportunities.

The trucking industry in the USA is without a doubt ahead of the other industries, and that is due to the numerous trucking companies that are providing quality transportation services.


Becoming a company truck driver requires obtaining a Class A CDL drivers license, and undergoing through training that are organized from the trucking company that is hiring you. Also, most of all nationwide trucking companies are even providing company-paid CDL training.


In general, most trucking companies are providing the following benefits to their new and inexperienced truck drivers:

  • Best Training and Support;
  • Monthly Tuition;
  • Reimbursement Payments;
  • Longevity bonuses;

What else company truck drivers are enjoying are the premium benefits. Therefore, premium benefits include full health, dental, vision, as well as passenger and pet passport programs.

3. Local Pickup and Delivery (P & D) Truck Driving Job

Local pickup and delivery truck driving jobs include transportation of supplies, merchandise, as well as various other items. These truck drivers are delivering the loads both to customers and businesses.

Moreover, local pickup and delivery truck driving jobs do require from truck drivers to provide courier services. Thereupon, the courier services include delivering paychecks, contacts, altogether with other important documents in a time-efficient manner.


In a point of view of the education, local truck drivers are also required to obtain a commercial driver’s license. Dependently from the vehicle with which the truck drivers are going to operate with, sometimes they will have to undergo through additional educational programs.

So, truck drivers that want to start a professional local pickup and delivery truck driving job will have to pay attention to details.  These details include the weight of the vehicle that they are going to operate with. If the vehicle is weighing over 26.001 pounds then it is a “must” that truck driver has obtained a CDL driver’s license.



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