Find and Fix the Top 10 Trucking Industry Issues

Even this year, ATRI presented the American Trucking Association (ATA), with their report on the critical issues in the trucking industry for the past year, and guess what?

The top 10 trucking industry issues and the way to fix them remained same like the year before!


So, I guess the good part in all those trucking industry issues is the fact that they are fixable.

Now, there are people that are specialist in this area and according to them there are some trucking industry issues that are more important than the others.

I personally think that when it comes to trucking industry issues and their importance, it’s important to say that they are all-important and need to be taken care of, but one thing at the time- as they say.

Top 10 Trucking Industry Issues

The trucking industry is rapidly growing, but also presents several challenges for big and small trucking companies.




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