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Depending on the company’s financial status, you can choose to work with a factoring company which offers fuel advances.

They may be expensive but probably the best way to get paid on time if the business is financially unstable.

Having said this, there are a lot of different types of boards which you can use according to the company’s needs:

As an illustration, there are:

  • Free load boards
  • Load boards that offer free trial membership
  • Paid load boards

Starting a Trucking Business

The trucking business is very profitable, very competitive and rather confusing.

If you are a company owner who is at the very beginning of the trucking journey then using a load board is a must.

However, it should never be considered as a long-term solution. Same as the trucking business, the free load boards are also competitive.

free load boards are also competitive

The smartest way of running a trucking business should be to play smart which is using them only when you desperately need to find free load boards.

On the other hand, there is a possible way of making $100,000 per month. However, you need to have secured contracts to use them to find the best free load boards.

The bottom line is you need to play smart about the free load boards. If you do not have other sources to transport loads, use the boards’ system.


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Owner Operator

If you are an owner operator then using free load boards is definitely the best solution for discovering loads.

Once you dive into the process of load boards, consequently, the trucking industry will become more than familiar to you.

find free load boards

Furthermore, with the help of the free load boards, you will gain experience. In this way, you will know the difference between new and professional truck drivers.

More importantly, you will be familiar with the process of finding free load boards.

List of Free Load Boards

Using the free load boards is a good way to find freight to transport when you are starting your business.

Everyone involved in this business has been there and knows the struggle. What is more difficult is finding good load boards and actually soaks up time and in the worst case, money.

The free load boards are free options to easily find freight and start making a profit.

List of Free Load Boards

The thing is, there are a lot of free load boards there but a lot of them are competitive. Looking on the positive side, there are still those kinds that can help you find freight quickly.

To put it in another way, there are owner operators or companies who do not have time to find freight online and this is the main reason why I made lists.

By using the free load boards, a company and independent owner are able to find free load boards without pressure or extra fees:

Load Boards That Offer Free Trial Memberships

The load boards are considered as a large online source for freight. By using the boards’ services, independent operators and businesses search for all types of cargo.

On the other hand, there are the brokers and shippers which upload the cargo and add general and additional contact information on the loads.

Consequently, both the uploaders and searchers of freight are able to conduct business.

List of the best Free load boards

Some owner-operators say that not using these online tools means missing out on a great opportunity for profit.

Having access to more loads will eventually get your business going. In addition, there are all types of load boards.

As shown above, you can get access to boards that offer free trial membership and they are the following:

List of Hot Shot Load Boards

Considered as online tools, free load boards are the best way to find loads that motor carriers need.

In addition, it is also a great way for supply chain and the shipping professionals to use it.

More importantly, it is one of the most modern ways for transportation companies to find suitable shipments.

Each day, the shippers and motor carriers are using the online free hot shot load boards in order to fill a transportation gap and save their newborn companies.

Load boards that offer free trial memberships

Before the existence of free load boards tool online, the companies were using the services of freight brokers.

This not only soaks some time until the brokers find load boards according to the companies’ preferences but also wastes the transportation business money.

In particular, losing money is not the most practical way of the companies who are at their very inception.

With regards to this, there are freight brokerage companies which charge a large sum of money or extra fees for their services.

List of hot shot free load boards

On the other hand, with the help of the free boards, owner-operators, trucking companies, and shippers can mutually help themselves to find what they need.

Having said this, the free hot shot load boards for the transportation industry are the following:

In addition to the above-mentioned, using the online sources has a good side and a bad side of it.

As an illustration, one bad thing about the load boards is the following:

Many Loads Pay in 30 – 60 Days

If trucking businesses which are at the very beginning of their career need quick cash, sometimes they can experience the road of uncertainties.

Having said this, there are shippers which actually pay from 30 to 60 days. Generally speaking, these delays can create a cash-flow gap in the owner operator’s or company’s profile.

Many free load boards pay in 30 – 60 days

Looking on the positive side, there are shippers which pay 4 to 8 weeks maximum and you can get the best of it by using a freight factoring program.



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