Free Load Boards – You Have A Question – We Have An Answer

Free Load Boards - You Have A Question - We Have An Answer

Have you ever found yourself in a situation to use free load boards? Further, are there free load boards that are helpful for your business?

To begin with, the trucking industry is a tricky one. Having said this, there are lots of factors involved in running a successful trucking business.

For example, there are decisions on what to haul, whether to lease or buy a truck, as well as finding clients and loads.

In order to run a business that is not financially capable at the beginning, you find a way to make a profit.

Consequently, there is a system offering free load boards and paid load boards. The free boards are for those that started their business.

However, we will cover only the free load boards, and where to find them.

What are Free Load Boards?

A free load board is an online matching system which allows the shippers and freight brokers to post types of loads.

Continually, the system with free load boards also allows carriers to post the free equipment.

What are free load boards?

The main purpose of the online load boards system is to allow shippers, as well as carriers, find each other to make transportation easier.

Moreover, together they enter agreements crucial for moving their freight. Most of the boards are sophisticated and not only allow you to post loads but search for the types you need as well.

In addition, they provide multiple services to freight brokers and the carriers. Depending on the type of board, the services you can find are the following:

free load boards and what are they
  • Matching loads
  • Credit and days to pay information
  • Message boards
  • Making notes on shippers and carriers
  • Verification of FMCSA
  • Finance information on a pre-approved load with factoring
  • Mobile access


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Benefits of Using Free Load Boards

One of the pros about using load boards is the fact that neither carriers nor shippers are tied into contracts.

This flexibility that load boards offer allows shippers and carriers to find and select the load board that works best for them without being tied to something that is not a good fit.

Generally, memberships occur on a month to month basis and shippers and carriers are able to end their membership with the load board at any time.

Benefits of using free load boards

The load board owners, post sign up, will simply charge the account on a monthly basis until they are notified by the customer that they would like the account to be canceled.

Following the cancellation, the customer is free to sign up for a membership with the load board at any time.

Knowing about the free load boards is one thing but being familiar with the purpose of using them is another.

How you benefit from using free load boards

Many truckers, carriers, and owner-operators are using this online system in order to get their new business going.

However, the question is: Are there any benefits of using free load boards?

The Most Significant Advantages of Using Load Boards

Using free load boards gives you various advantages of profit. As an illustration, boards are considered as an easy way of connecting shippers and carriers.

As shown above, the key reason for the online board is to help small transportation companies and start-ups.

The Most Significant Advantages of Using free Load Boards

In this way, non-financed companies are able to find free load boards and start making a profit instead. Having said this, here are the most significant advantages of using free load boards:

  • Ease of Use – The system easily displays all the information you need in the simple to use the table.
  • Up To Date – The boards contain the latest information about the freight. As a matter of fact, the table is updated every 5 minutes.
  • Boards Without Payment – some of these loads are free to use and the rest is inexpensive. In order to use these boards, you do not have to pay for them and they do not require a high sum of investment.
  • Online Availability for 24/7 – the good thing about the online free load boards is that the shippers and carriers can find or post loads any time and easily access it via mobile or web.
  • Shippers Advantages – when moving overloaded freight
  • Carrier Benefits – keeping the fleet full. When an unloaded truck is available, finding a suitable free load for transportation keeps companies profit ongoing.

Are Free Load Boards Worth it?

Most of the owner-operators and small transportation companies are wondering if they should use free load boards.

The use of these boards is apparent if you want to lead your trucking company to success. Moreover, as the trucking industry goes through changes, the online use of finding loads is inevitable.

It’s common for owner-operators and small fleet owners to run low on money, especially if they are new to the business and pulling their first loads.

In this case, consider using freight bill factoring. It’s a type of financing that provides advances for slow-paying freight bills.

Are free load boards worth it?

For instance, it is a fact that a trucking company needs to obey the OSHA, SAFER, BBB, or BLS regulations.

Likewise, a non-funded business or an owner-operator who is at the beginning of its career needs to use free load boards as well.

Why am I saying this? For the reason that their importance is equal.

One alternative to consider is signing up for free trials on a few paid boards. Compare them to the value that you get from free boards and determine which one is best for you and your business.

free load boards represent a valuable tool

Same as respecting rules and regulations, free load boards represent a valuable tool which helps businesses and owner-operators to start and get their business going.

Sometimes it happens an overlap because there are boards with the same loads. To illustrate, you can find popular, competitive and loads boards paying very little.

As an explanation, the benefits of free load boards depend on two factors:

  • Starting a Trucking Business
  • Being an Owner Operator
there are a lot of different types of free load boards



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