GPS Fleet Tracking – 10 Things You MUST Check Before You Purchase

GPS fleet tracking is now widely used for different purposes. It is not only vehicles and ships that use the technology, but businesses do as well.

Nowadays, most of the companies use the GPS fleet tracking as a tool in order to manage the business operations on a daily basis.

In addition, there are also government agencies which use the tracking devices for their vehicles and to provide better quality service to the citizens.

Due to the benefits of the best vehicle tracking rollout in businesses, it is nowadays an indispensable part of their everyday operations.

Discovering the Right GPS Fleet Tracking

According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), the companies need to implement a technology to secure the communications.

The GPS tracking system is a platform which actually allows the vehicles to communicate at high speed.

Although it is considered rather a safety risk to the Department of Labor (DOL) and The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), it is business beneficial.

In fact, it helps businesses to effectively manage the fleet and the business overall. This is a job mostly left to fleet managers.


An effective manager knows that keeping employees motivated, ensuring their safety, and providing outstanding customer service are all part of the job.

Once you read the driver’s behavior, you can manage the team in a much easier way. Monitoring employees is not always easy and especially during work hours on a busy week.

It is not always easy to monitor employee behavior during office hours, and it’s even more difficult when they are out on the field.


However, when it comes to safety and timely customer service, you may find that GPS tracking devices can be a huge help, as it can improve fleet management, making for smoother operations.

Choosing a GPS fleet tracking not only helps you with the fleet management but you get other features that you are not familiar with.

Most of the vehicle GPS trackers give you an insight of the fleet which further allows you to make decisions on improving it


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For example, if you want to have GPS fleet tracking system that your business will benefit from then search for the one with a wide range of software features.

In other words, there are really important elements, including the following:

1. Optimization

The GPS tracker is a tremendous tool that helps your business stay organized. However, all of the fleet planning efforts can be in vain if the route is not well optimized.

As businesses grow, and yours as well, drivers will have a lot of stops to make. With the help of the GPS for delivery trucks, fleet managers will be able to optimize the route and help drivers to get on the fastest route.


The map of the vehicle GPS trackers will sort the routes based on the destinations you put.

Having said this, the beauty of these devices lies within its power to minimize the work of businesses and increase the productivity instead.

Without it, your business is completely lost, with no accurate route or timing for the delivery which leads to customer loss and revenue decrease.

The right management software gives you exact destinations on the map while providing you with the most efficient routes in less than 30 seconds.

2. The Alternatives of GPS Fleet Tracking

Due to the currency of devices, the number of its use increases each day. First, there were the trucking companies that used the GPS fleet tracking mostly for the OTR drivers.

Then there were the car GPS devices and now the use has broadened to construction GPS use and even landscaping fleet tracking.

The progress and productivity at companies are all due to the alternatives that the GPS fleet tracking offers on the market.


Now, the fleet tracking gives you options to track fleet including the following:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Carputer
  • multimedia cell phone

If you already have any of those devices, you might want to check into the navigation options before dropping any money on a new car GPS unit.

While smartphones have built-in GPS, tablets can actually replace the standalone GPS unit. Even though tablets can be of great use, the smartphones are also a useful alternative.

3. Core Features

In addition to the above-mentioned, there are GPS facts proving the benefits of its use.

Having said this, there are hundreds of businesses in the USA that have increased the productivity in their companies.

Regardless of your budget, you can have a broad range of features which can minimize or even vanish your concerns.


To illustrate, some of the most important include the following:

  • screen size and resolution
  • type of receiver
  • audible directions
  • automatic routing

Normally, there are devices with smaller screens and resolutions which also tend to be the cheap GPS trackers.

However, cheaper doesn’t always mean less quality. On the contrary, the manufacturer determines the pricing himself.


The only difference is in the size of the screen. If you are not familiar with the screen size, it is best to check with the manufacturer first.

What is even better, there are some GPS fleet tracking feature producers which allow you a 30 day trial period.

4. The Importance of Efficiency and Time

Depending on your business’s priorities, if you value efficiency more than time then the GPS fleet tracking can definitely help you.

The key factor affecting business in a much useful way is that this logic tool will get you from point A to point B.


One thing that every GPS tracking system can do is get you through the shortest path.

By taking the shortest route you are actually saving a lot of time which highly corresponds to the valued time of the customers.

However, there are GPS fleet tracking systems that provide other options as well. For instance, systems that take factors like traffic, cheapest fuel, nearest fuel stops etc.



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