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Learn How To Choose Best Marker Lights

What are the marker lights revealing?

  • The trucks width
  • The trucks length
  • The driving intentions

It is important to the other vehicles to notice your existing on the road so they can prepare to pass safely by you. You know that the truck trailer can be enormous and just a small unsafe passing by the other vehicles who are included on the highway can be companioned with a catastrophe of major proportions.

With proper lights signalization, you give other drivers heads up to slow down or to be more careful with the driving.

Types of Marker Lights

Your truck trailer can be the most spectacular and coolest trailer in the highway if you put not just the required marker lights but also additional marker light around the corner of the trailer. How awesome is a truck with a lot of signalization lights that is passing by us in a dark night?

It is very easy to see one marked trailer or truck cabin from a very far distance and the pleasure and joy are always there passing with them.

Learn How To Choose Marker LightsSource: gallerily.com superbrightleds.com ledsolarwind.com

Marker lights have different forms such as:

  • Rectangular
  • Round
  • Oval
  • and they are available from 3/4″ size to extra large 6″

LED vs Standard Marker Lights

I will say that the LED marker lights are the next generation of truck lights. I bet that you may hear some information but I will explain detail why I am claiming this.



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