10 Reasons Why Patagonia Trucker Hat is so cool

10 Exclusive Reasons Patagonia Trucker Hat Is So Cool ?

Hence, after I bought my first Patagonia Trucker hat I did immediately a research about the history of Patagonia. So here is what I found out, what makes this company as unique as the softness that Patagonia trucker hat provides.

Patagonia’s founder is Yvon Chouinard, who at only 14 years old had been a member of the Southern California Falconry Club. As the years went by Chouinard had started making pitons and built a small house shop, but after opening the shop there had been a high demand of his tools.

In the 70’ Chouinard had been the largest producer of climbing hardware in the U.S. Back then he enlarged his business by getting into partnership with Tom Frost, an aeronautical engineer.

10 Reasons Why Patagonia Trucker Hat Is So CoolSource: www.insightjewels.com

Chouinard and Frost started their clothing line as a means to support their hardware business in the 60’s. They started by ordering shirts from England, New Zealand and Argentina, rain cagoules from Scotland, gloves from Austria and hats from Boulder.

2. Choosing Patagonia Trucker Hat-Choosing Organic Headwear

Durable construction, curved peak, section at the back that helps you keep a cool head, 100 % cotton, 100% polyester and at the same time being organic , Patagonia Trucker hats are made with implementation of environmental standards.



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