10 Exclusive Reasons Patagonia Trucker Hat Is So Cool ?

What makes Patagonia Trucker hats so cool above all is the fact that they are produced by an ecologically responsible company, a company that has “The Cleanest Line” of products.Made with organic fibers, 100% organic cotton and 100% organic polyester Patagonia Trucker hat is a ‘must have’ headwear.

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Since 1973 up to the present moment Patagonia remains one of the greatest organic and eco friendly companies worldwide, at the same time is the highest rated trucker hat brand.

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Regardless if you like the design of the Small Flying Fish Trucker hat, the Groovy Type Trucker hat or you prefer the Small Fitz Roy Trout LoPro Trucker hat, Patagonia Trucker hats are always a good choice.

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1. A Brief History About Patagonia & Patagonia Trucker Hat

In a view of a buyer, whenever we want to buy a certain product, whether it is a trucker t-shirt, driving gloves, trucker hat or some other piece of clothing somehow we get to a point where we want to learn something about the background of the producer.

Hence, after I bought my first Patagonia Trucker hat I did immediately a research about the history of Patagonia. So here is what I found out, what makes this company as unique as the softness that Patagonia trucker hat provides.

Patagonia’s founder is Yvon Chouinard, who at only 14 years old had been a member of the Southern California Falconry Club. As the years went by Chouinard had started making pitons and built a small house shop, but after opening the shop there had been a high demand of his tools.

In the 70’ Chouinard had been the largest producer of climbing hardware in the U.S. Back then he enlarged his business by getting into partnership with Tom Frost, an aeronautical engineer.

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Chouinard and Frost started their clothing line as a means to support their hardware business in the 60’s. They started by ordering shirts from England, New Zealand and Argentina, rain cagoules from Scotland, gloves from Austria and hats from Boulder.

2. Choosing Patagonia Trucker Hat-Choosing Organic Headwear

Durable construction, curved peak, section at the back that helps you keep a cool head, 100 % cotton, 100% polyester and at the same time being organic , Patagonia Trucker hats are made with implementation of environmental standards.

According to IFOAM-International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, the principles of Organic Agriculture are divided into four groups: health, ecology, fairness and care.

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The first principle therefore is health and is linked with sustainability and enhancement of the health of the soil.

Similarly the second principle- ecology emphasizes the ecological systems, whereas the third principle- fairness is including the fact that organic agriculture should be built on relationships that ensure fairness regarding the common environment and life opportunities.

In view of the last principle- care is corresponding to our vision how to improve the health and well-being for the future generations.

10 Reasons Why Patagonia Trucker Hat Is So CoolSource: www.ifoam.bio

First thing to remember when speaking for Organic Agriculture and when choosing organic wear is that it aims to make the invisible connection between humans, animals ,plants and soil visible and at the same time to raise people’s awareness.

3. How And Where Is Patagonia Trucker Hat Produced?

Most compelling evidence that speaks a lot about how this company chooses their factories, cares about the workers and the environmental and social performances is that Patagonia is a founding member of the Fair Labor Association (FLA).

The Fair Labor Association protects the workers and labor practices from abusive business owners involved in global supply chains. Patagonia goes through a random sampling of adults of their finished products by the Fair Labor Association every year.

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Patagonia has quality and sourcing teams who visit Patagonia’s factories in order to identify if the health and safety of the workers is good.

Most of Patagonia’s products are produced in Vietnam and China. The company collaborates constantly with NGOs in order to provide a maximum protection for the workers in these countries with poor environmental and human rights records.

Patagonia made a strict policy- Forced Labor & Human Trafficking Policy, so this policy does not allow any form of forced slavery like human trafficking, prison labor.

4. 100% Organic Cotton-Made Patagonia Trucker Hat

Definitely not only that Patagonia trucker hat has a cool design and is very stylish, but at the same time it is made from pure 100% organic fabrics.

Each time when we wear Patagonia trucker hat we can feel how pure it is and how tenderly it feels when on our head. The tenderness of Patagonia trucker hat is because the front of the trucker hat is made out of 100 % organic cotton.

The use and the origins of organically made cotton as defined by the USDA’s National Organic program dates back in 1996. Years ago farmers started growing cotton without chemicals for years.

The quality of organically grown cotton is far better than the quality of conventionally grown cotton. Organic cotton farming does not allow using toxic materials, chemicals and GMO’s (genetically modified organisms).

The production of organic cotton is a combination of tradition innovation and science.

5. Patagonia Trucker Hat Made From Recycled Polyester

Back in 1993 Patagonia became the first clothing company that started transforming trash into usable materials. Patagonia was using the methods of extruding the liquid state of certain chemicals in order to get thread-line strings.

Patagonia as a leader manufacturer of recycled polyester fleece garments estimates that 25 soda bottles go into one jacket from the fabric.

The process of making recycled polyester from plastic soda bottles is the following: drawing and crimping, spinning into yam, dyeing, knitting, napping and shearing, finishing.

Since the invention of the recycled polyester each company aims towards making the recycling process more economically efficient and aims towards lessening the dependence on petroleum as a source of raw material.

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6. Wear Patagonia Trucker Hat- Join The Global Footprint Network

Therefore as buyers, by buying clothes that are made on the most natural way, with organic fibers only than we are going to be able to join The Global Footprint Network.

By joining the Global Footprint Network we are joining the Footprint Movement which is nowadays used by scientists, businesses, governments, individuals and institutions that are working together in monitor the ecological resource use and the development of sustainability.

The Ecological Footprint measures the supply of and the demand on nature.

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7. Easy Product Care Of Patagonia Trucker Hats

Besides the good look, the excellent design and natural fibers, another good thing about Patagonia Trucker Hat is that is very easy for maintenance.

Patagonia Trucker Hat can be washed in cold or warm water only with powder laundry soap (non-toxic), and the best thing to do is to dry it on the line if possible.

Patagonia Trucker hat is made to be worn and to be washed very easily.

While removing stains from the polyester fabric, we should use a few drops of dishwashing liquid directly on the stain and rub it. Wash it with clean water.

8. New Patagonia Trucker Hat Fashion

Differently from the past when trucker hats were worn only by truck drivers, workers on the field nowadays trucker hats had made a huge “boom”, they are the newest fashion trend. Patagonia Truck hat has a unique style, made with special fibers it makes the perfect match for every occasion.

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Patagonia Trucker Hats are the highest rated brand of trucker hats in the past few years. For instance while you are walking by the street, just take 5 min from your time to look around you and I’m sure that you will see at least few people wearing Patagonia Trucker Hat.

Hence Patagonia made a new line for kids. Patagonia Trucker Hats fit everyone perfectly.

9. “Bluesign” Standard For Patagonia Trucker Hat

Without delay Patagonia as a company that is a leader in leaving ecological footprint with their natural fiber-made products received the “Bluesign” Standard for textile.

In the light of their aim “Bluesign” represents an emerging standard for environmental health and safety in the manufacturing of textiles. The headquarter of the organization is in Switzerland known as Bluesign Technologies AG, they provide auditing of textile mills, testing manufacturing processes and energy inputs to water as well as emission outputs.

Bluesign can solve any problem in the textile line production and it can offer a 100% Bluesign-approved product line. Patagonia is the very first brand member of Bluesign.

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10. Advantages Of Owning A Patagonia Trucker Hat

Here and there we can see on the market all different kind of companies producing trucker hats. In the center of the main and at the same time most important differences is the one that the old style conventional trucker hats are originally made with foam whereas the Patagonia trucker hat is made with 100% organic cotton.

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Truck drivers are the people that can tell the best what is the difference between the conventional and the truck hats that Patagonia produces. The advantage when on a long distance trip on summer days truck drivers need a good protection from the sun rays that are falling straight at their face.

Every second truck driver has chosen Patagonia because of the natural fibers and the way how Patagonia Trucker hats feel – pure and tender.

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After considering all the facts and benefits of a natural fiber-made clothing I choose to leave an ecological footprint. Choosing the perfect trucker hat is important, but the most important thing is to choose a trucker hat made with good fibers.

I choose organic headwear- I choose Patagonia.

Are you wearing organic clothes? Are you wearing Patagonia? Share your experience with us.