10 Amazing Hidden Tips To Know When Buying Driving Gloves

Driving gloves as a part of driving accessories over the last few years seem to be coming back on the big door. In the last 20 years they seem to disappear as a part of standard every day trucker accessories but lately we can see some signs of increased popularity.

10 Amazing Hidden Tips To Know When Buying Driving Gloves
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Trends are changing and despite trucking industry is sometimes really slow with changes the wave of changes slowly started to change the trucking industry as well. More than ever we are able to see fashion details among truckers as well. Some of the details that used to be reserved only for white collar jobs now slowly started to show in trucking world as well.


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Back in old days driving gloves were mandatory part of the trucker equipment simply because it was impossible to drive truck without gloves due to heavy steering wheel. But now besides the fact that they help to drive there is also a fashion factor included.

Ask Yourself: Why Am I Buying Driving Gloves?

It is quite simple question but the answer could help you a lot when deciding to choose the which gloves to choose. Are you buying driving gloves because you think it will help you drive better, is it because you like how they look or is it maybe because you have some physical or health condition (like sweaty palms) and you think they would be helpful in a way that they increase driving comfort.

The honest and proper answer will allow you to narrow the number of driving gloves that would perfectly suit you. There is thousands of gloves on the market coming in different shapes, sizes, colors, materials and it is quite a challenge to find a pair that is prefect for your you. Once you determined what is the primary reason for getting driving gloves it is time to hit the pedal and go pay a visit to a friend too see what is their experience with driving gloves.

Ask Your Friends What Is Their Experience With Driving Gloves

The best feedback and best response is always best to get from the people that are actually using the product you want to buy. If those people happen to be friends of yours or working colleagues in whose answers you don’t doubt that is even better.

Make a few phone calls or grab a coffee with your friends to see what are their experiences and what would they do different now when they have that experience wearing driving gloves.

Always ask what are the good and what are the bad sides according to their experience because there could be a situation that you have different driving habits or maybe you have slightly different job so some problems with driving gloves your friends might have you wont have. For example maybe they don’t like the fact that they are hard to pull off because they have city deliver job – but if you are OTR driver that problem might not exist in your situation.

Try Driving Gloves Before Buying

This is mandatory to do and this will prevent a lot of issues in the future. Please resist the habit of buying something online without even trying it. Driving gloves are especially important because you will wear them up to 11 hours a day and if they don’t fit your arms perfectly you might feel uncomfortable and it could have a direct impact on your safety.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

Also try to avoid trying on gloves that were previously used by some other truck drivers because the look and feel you might have would be completely different compared to the new pair of gloves. The reason fro this is that gloves very quickly shape and form according to the palm of the person using them. For that reason if you are trying a pair of truck driving gloves that has already been shaped to another person they might be uncomfortable for you.

Allow Certain Time To Get Used To Driving Gloves

The same like in the previous paragraph is happening here. All new gloves require some time to perfectly fit truck driver hands and try avoiding getting nervous because if this. Simply within a week of using the driving gloves will perfectly shape according to your hands and over some period of time you will not even be aware that you are having gloves anymore.

It is very simple to understand why is this happening and the reason is same like in shoes. Sometimes shoes can be tight at the begging and over period of some time they become perfect. The same situation happens in the world of gloves.

Another important thing to have in mind is not to buy driving gloves that are too small for your arm. The only thing worse than buying inappropriate gloves is to buy a small ones that don’t fit your arm. Remember they wont become bigger if you put them on hand by using force – simply if you’d make a mistake just replace them with a pair of good ones.

Carefully Check Materials Used To Make Driving Gloves

In todays market you can find all kind of different gloves and the amount of product supply is amazing. There has never been so many options and any truck driver can literally buy hand gloves made of any material you can imagine. No matter are they made of silk,leather,cotton,rubber they all have the same purpose of Improving driving experience.

But be aware certain types of hand skin react differently to different materials so pay attention to find a glove material that would perfectly fit your hands.This is difficult to know especially if you are a first time buyer but again check the experiences other people had with certain type of materials.

Usually truck drivers have best feedback with cotton and rubber or some types of multiple materials usage but check for your self what would be the best for you. Also have in mind that natural leather also provides a great grip and hands shouldn’t sweat in the pari of that kind of gloves.

Explore How Hard Is To Wash Driving Gloves

While you are driving the truck you are pretty much in a clear environment and you wont get a lot of dirt on your hands. But this is changing quickly if you are using truck driving gloves outside of the truck cabin. By using truck driving gloves to take care of the freight load pick up or delivery of good item you can get a lot of dirt on them.



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