Learn All About Pros and Cons Of Exclusive OOIDA Membership

OOIDA Membership (Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association) and all kind of different truckers unions and societies have a long tradition in US trucking world. Some organizations are really old and records showing their activities can be found all the way to the early beginnings of 20th century as the trucking industry supported by truck manufacturers and new trucks started to massively penetrate the market.


Source: www.ooida.com

There is a lot of different organizations and usually the are divided depending which area or part of the US the serve ranging from really local organizations that can be found only in certain cities or state organizations covering just one state with their services. Of course most famous ones are the national organizations providing services to their member all over the country.


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The size of the organization can sometimes determine the power it posses and possibility to ask for changes in the process of protecting their members. This sometimes can be crucial but sometimes by investing the huge effort you can also make the changes. Small organizations rely on effort and persistence and thus they make changes in favor for their members.

Being OOIDA Member Means You Have Someone Who Is Fighting For You

And this is definitely true. OOIDA is the organization that will fight for your rights and you can be sure that you have a wingman covering your tail and that you have a partner that you can count on. There is numerous activities OOIDA performs every year in the area of both protecting and improving current position of their members.

Also OOIDA Membership brings you a lot of addition value in all the area of your trucking business. They have really good developed partnership agreements with all the possible service you as a trucking company may need so you can get amazing deals, discounts, cheap rates and a lot of other things in the field of:

  • Truck Insurance
  • Life and Health Benefits
  • Business and Information Services
  • Retirement Plan
  • Education and Research
  • Fleet Fuel Cards
  • IFTA Fuel Tax Services
  • Sprint Discounts
  • Political Action Committee

As you can see they worked pretty hard to cover basically almost everything any trucking company needs to successfully run their business. You can find all kind of different deals and offers that will save you a lot of money at the end and additionally you will get a first class service.

With OOIDA Your Rights Are On The First Place

OOIDA Membership is all about being protected and feeling privileged. And I need to admit they have been really successful in providing these feelings to their members. The combination of services and added value OOIDA provides in one place seems unbelievable and it is worth every cent invested because it will get back to you 100 times more.

OOIDA invests a lot of money and effort to protect the rights of their members on federal and local courts.

“As a major component of OOIDA’s mission to protect the rights of truckers, OOIDA initiates litigation through both the state and federal court system, when necessary, to combat injustices and abusive treatment of truckers. 


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

Our focus has generally been to directed at unscrupulous business practices by carriers for their own financial gain or to correct state or federal legislation that puts truckers at a disadvantage.

OOIDA has pursued legal action against approximately 30 states resulting in refunds of several hundred million dollars to truckers in addition to stopping the proliferation of unconstitutional practice of discriminatory and burdensome taxes and permit requirements” – Quote and Copy From OOIDA Official website.

I cant remember is there any similar organization that is working that hard to protect the rights of the truckers in US. A lot of other organizations argues that they are doing the same but the when it comes to results they are way behind the OOIDA. Simply said there guys know what they are doing.

With OOIDA Membership You’ll Get All The Latest Info ASAP

Yes, and this also plays the big role when you are in trucking business. People and trucking company owners like to say in a funny way that if you have a trucking company with fleet size of 20 trucks that means you have 20 problems on the wheels driving across the country.

Despite this may sound funny there is a big proportion of truth in this and operating a trucking company sometimes is full of problems. You start your day and everything looks fine but in one hour thing can get so complicated that you need to act fast to protect your company.

This is where OOIDA jumps in because you always get latest news from them whether is it in form of free newspaper or a radio station that is covering trucking industry and business. Also as a member you have access to all kind of legal protection that might be helpful to you of something unexpected happens.

In Case Of Problem You Can Always Contact OOIDA For Legal or Finance Advice

In above paragraphs I started writing about those unexpected events. Trucking world is packed with those kind of situations and pretty much it is never boring. Unfortunately running a trucking company has one bad side and that is that every time you have a problem it is going to cost you a lot.

It is not that you just have a problem, you will pay a lot to fix that problem. It is just a question is it going to cost you directly (like for example truck repair) or both directly and indirectly (like for example that traffic ticket bring higher insurance prices). You need to pay.

This is the part where OOIDA Membership pays back and where you can ask and get advice that can significantly improve you legal position and/or save you a lot of money in case you can get a penalty due the legal situation you got involved (for example your driver was involved in traffic accident)

OOIDA Is Only Accepting Owner Operators Or Small Trucking Companies

I would call this OOIDA only disadvantage. They have a strict policy where they accept only owner operators and small trucking companies that operate the fleet of few trucks. I know for a fact that some trucking companies were denied membership when their fleet expanded to more than 6 or 7 trucks. This is something that makes me personally sad but it has good sides as well so I can perfectly understand guys from OOIDA for having that policy.



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