Learn All About Pros and Cons Of Exclusive OOIDA Membership

OOIDA Membership (Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association) and all kind of different truckers unions and societies have a long tradition in US trucking world. Some organizations are really old and records showing their activities can be found all the way to the early beginnings of 20th century as the trucking industry supported by truck manufacturers and new trucks started to massively penetrate the market.


Source: www.ooida.com

There is a lot of different organizations and usually the are divided depending which area or part of the US the serve ranging from really local organizations that can be found only in certain cities or state organizations covering just one state with their services. Of course most famous ones are the national organizations providing services to their member all over the country.


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The size of the organization can sometimes determine the power it posses and possibility to ask for changes in the process of protecting their members. This sometimes can be crucial but sometimes by investing the huge effort you can also make the changes. Small organizations rely on effort and persistence and thus they make changes in favor for their members.

Being OOIDA Member Means You Have Someone Who Is Fighting For You

And this is definitely true. OOIDA is the organization that will fight for your rights and you can be sure that you have a wingman covering your tail and that you have a partner that you can count on. There is numerous activities OOIDA performs every year in the area of both protecting and improving current position of their members.



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