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Use Bucket Truck As Best Cheap Alternative

Convenient, cost-effective and versatile, bucket trucks come in various number of shapes and sizes. Bucket truck are multi-practical and can be used for different tasks in a variety of industries. These trucks being extremely valuable can make the given tasks easier to complete in an efficient and safe manner.


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We can see bucket trucks every day by the side of the streets, they have aerial device mounted on a truck that consists of platform which can be made from metal, fiberglass, reinforced plastic–the bucket is connected to a hydraulic lifting system.

As a matter of fact the bucket on every bucket truck is designed very carefully and safely in order for the workers to be able to perform their work protected. Also most of bucket trucks are equipped with material handling winch designed to lift supplies and materials.

Bucket trucks nowadays are a great advantage for every industry.

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Furthermore, bucket trucks have different types of configuration and set of attributes depending from the industry in which these trucks are going to operate. Bucket trucks are a good choice for every business no matter if it’s big or small trucking business.

Bucket trucks can be used in various industries and purposes such as:

  • Electric utility and Telecom;
  • Lighting and sign maintenance;
  • Construction;
  • Forestry;
  • Tree care and landscaping;
  • Film making;
  • Window washing;
  • Exterior painting;
  • Fruit picking;
  • Animal rescue;

Regulations And Standards For Bucket Trucks

Moreover, bucker trucks require certification in certain states because they have mounted aerial device to lift people and tools. The states in which bucker trucks must have a certification are: California, Washington, Utah, and Minnesota.

One of the main daily duties of the driver of the truck for the start of the day are to do a safety check of the truck in order to see whether there is any damage. The driver must check the following things:

  • To check if there are any hydraulic leaks;
  • To check if there are any missing bolts;
  • To check the snap pins;
  • To check the cotta pins;
  • To check the trailer tires and trailer brakes;
  • To check the safety/ emergency equipment;
  • To check the fall protection (full body harness with lanyard or body belt with two foot lanyard as restraint device).

Besides the daily inspections should also be done daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly ,biannually ,annual (FMCSR and ANSL periodic).

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Likewise bucket trucks are under OSHA standard guidance and every company that possesses this kind of trucks must follow that guidance. Part of those requirements for a proper use of bucket trucks by the regulations of OSHA includes:

  • Bucket trucks can be modified depending from the industry in which they operate but first they need to receive written approval for modification ;
  • Bucket trucks must have fall protection that needs to be used while using bucket trucks;
  • Bucket trucks should never be driven while there is an employee in the bucket of the truck;
  • Bucket truck driver operators must test and check the controls before using the bucket of the truck;
  • The employees who are operating the bucket truck must wear appropriate protective gear all the time, and that gear includes: safety glasses, safety boots, a hard hat, gloves, etc. as a protection from falling objects.

All things considered to avoid bucket truck accidents the drivers operating these types of trucks besides having the skills and abilities required like: coordination and manual dexterity, the ability to work at heights good vision, etc. they must go through special trainings and exams in order to gain the needed certificates.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

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In the first place the training should include : introduction and explanation of electrical and falling object hazards, the needed procedures for dealing with hazards, recognizing and avoiding unsafe conditions in the work setting, instructions for correct operation , when and how to perform inspections and the Manufacturer’s requirements.

Additionally the best training programs are: OSHA Training, Equipment Training, Tree Industry Training, Safety Training and Aerial Operators Certification & Training, Aerial Rescue Training. On the long run the Bucket Truck trainings do not have mandatory expiration term, although because of the constant changes made regarding the regulations, technology as well as standards it’s the best the drivers to redo their trainings every three to five years.

According to OSHA only in cases when the bucket truck operator is observed in an accident or a near miss, if a bucket truck operator received a poor evaluation, or is observed driving in a dangerous manner, if the bucket truck operator is assigned to drive a different type of bucket truck or the workplace has changed significantly enough to require additional bucket truck training only in those cases the bucket truck drivers will have to go through additional bucket truck training.

Bucket truck drivers will benefit a lot from learning about:

  • Operating Requirements, Procedures and Precautions;
  • Daily Operator’s Checklist;
  • Safe, Effective and Efficient Operating Practices and Requirements;
  • Proper Set-up and controls;
  • Required Maintenance and Inspection
  • Documentation Requirements;
  • Minimizing the opportunity for accidents;

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Equally important for the truck operator is to be careful not to cause accidents by taking care while he is raised in the bucket not to pull toward anything, not to exceed with the load capacity , not to move the truck , not to operate in high winds and never to use the bucket truck as a crane.

How Hybrid Bucket Trucks

While the standard Bucket Trucks are equipped with a single high performance engine underneath the hood the Hybrid Bucket Truck have two power units in one vehicle, a diesel internal combustion engine located under the front hood like the standard trucks and second auxiliary motor located under the mid chassis section.

Bucket Hybrid Truck combine the benefits of gasoline and electric motors, they are designed to achieve different goals. The engine of these trucks shuts off when the vehicle comes to stop and restarts it when the accelerator is pressed, which reduces wasted energy.

The role of the electric motor is to assist the engine in accelerating, passing, or climbing and that way it allows a smaller, more-efficient engine to be used. Unlike the standard Bucket Truck the operation with Hybrid Bucket Truck is quiet because the motor can run quietly without any background noise and is eco- friendly .



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