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Use Bucket Truck As Best Cheap Alternative

The hybrid motor doesn’t emit gases into the atmosphere and the workers are safer and are not imposed to health risks. Hybrid technologies realize fuel savings approaching to 50 percent, therefore hybrid engines can be set to a ‘work mode’ and with that option are kicking only 75 percent of the stored energy in the batteries powering equipment has been used and than the engine is running long enough to recharge the batteries.

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Bucket Truck Can Improve Your Business

Bucket trucks have set high standards for aerial-related activities, that’s why it is used in so many industries. Bucket trucks can improve the safety and efficiency of aerial jobs, without such equipment the workers would be put in a position where they would have to deal with the exhausting task of climbing in order to get the required location to get the job done. Bucket trucks allow the workers to get more work done in much less time and without getting involved in dangerous situations and risks of falling.

The Bucket truck substituted the wooden ladders, scaffolding and rope systems. If a ladder is placed improperly, a poor scaffolding construction and weak ropes can make the work extremely dangerous. The bucket truck is much safer and stable than any of these methods.


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Regarding the business that you own and the activities of the company it is very important to pay attention when you want to buy a bucket truck because there are different categories by platform height:

  • 29 to 45 feet, often including non-over center models;
  • 45 to 65 feet, often including over center models;
  • 65 to 125 feet, often including over center and telescopic models

Depending from the model ,the bucket trucks can reach 30 t 51 feet of side reach and are based on the intended functionality of the machine. Heavy- duty bucket trucks for material handling provide the best side reach in relation to their platform height while telescopic models seem to offer the least amount of reach in comparison to their platform height.


Bucket trucks being aerial lift devices are the best truck choice for any industry. Synonymous with ‘cherry pickers’ buckets trucks basically are made to reach heights where ladders are unsafe. Cost-effective, functional and safe to operate with, are used in many businesses.

So after all Bucket truck would be a good addition to your fleet, whether you like the standard Bucket Truck or you like more the Hybrid Bucket Truck, new or used, the choice is big.

After reading all these facts do you consider that it’s time to add a Bucket Truck to your fleet?

Share your experience and thoughts with us.



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