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10 Secret Tips How To Use Trailer Brakes

Trailer brakes as a part of overall truck equipment are very important when it comes to safety and over the last decades as the technology improved the trailer brakes become much easier to use and handle.

Of course there are some differences between some trailer manufacturers and different systems are installed on different trailers.

I don’t want to focus in this article what are all systems that can be found on today’s market but rather that I’d like to share the experience how to use and how not to use the trailer brakes to get the most of them and to keep them working for hundreds of thousands miles.

All of you truck drivers or company owners managed to get a lot of experience over the years of driving trucks and you get a lot of experience on your own so please share it with us – maybe we missed something and there is a lot of new drivers stepping into this trucking world that can use all the possible experience there is to get.

Trailer Brakes

1. Use Trailer Brakes Slowly

This part of truck and trailer equipment is not intended to use by applying a pressure like a MMA fighter. Use it slowly and wisely to make sure you are optimizing pressure.



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