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10 Secret Tips How To Use Trailer Brakes

Simply every morning before starting your next drive, go and make a walk around trailer and visually inspect trailer brakes.

Any way you are required to do your DVIR inspection every day so this is just a small extra task that will not bag you a lot.

After the trailer brakes inspection if you notice any situations that look to you like a big problem go to the nearest truck repair shop for a more detailed inspection.

The good thing with this is that you can choose where and when to make this inspection and adjust it according to your load trip.

If this happens on the road and cause you to stop the truck – repairing will be way more expensive.

Trailer Brakes

7. Install Trailer Brake Controllers

I think there are even 10 years that I first heard for this trailer brake controllers and I’ve been watching and reading a lot about them and all the benefits they provide.

In simple words trailer brake controllers work as a middle man in between the trailer brake control inside the truck and actual trailer brakes installed on trailer.

Trailer brake controllers will adjust the pressure you apply to trailer brake control inside of the truck and make sure the entire pressure is distributed on both sides of axels evenly and in addition it can prevent wheel blocking due to much pressure applied on the trailer brake inside of the truck cabin.

This is a perfect piece of equipment to install if you are less experienced truck driver or you simply want to improve your trailer braking experience and make it safer for you.

Trailer Brakes

8. Every Time You Change Truck Oil Perform Detail Inspection of Trailer Brakes

In trucking industry you are always in a hurry and there is a constant pressure put on drivers and in most cases that pressure comes from the dispatch department that is confirming loads that are not easy for pick up or delivery or in most cases both.

Dealing with pressure on a daily base and working in an environment that you are constantly being late for something puts a truck maintenance plan at the low position in priority list.

That leads then that you are just changing oil and driving like maniac and not paying a lot of attention to the details such as trailer brakes.

Report your dispatchers and fleet manager that next time you go for truck oil change you would like to perform details inspection of trailer brakes.

Trailer Brakes

9. Eliminate Trailer Brake Freezing by Draining Air Tanks

This is a good tip to listen from really really experienced truck drivers that told me this secret tip.

This way you are making sure that all the air channels are dried and that there is no humidity or water that can lead to the trailer brakes freezing.

This makes logical sense, so use this small tip to eliminate the hard work of making you trailer brakes usable again after freezing.

10. Before Stopping during Winter Apply Some Pressure To Trailer Brakes To Dry Them

As you drive and approach to the gas station or truck stop for your well deserved rest it is recommended to use the trailer brakes few times but not with maximum pressure applied and to repeat this few times.

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With this small procedures you will dry out the discs or drums in your trailer and make all humidity or water to evaporate and at the same time you will dry your brakes and make sure you are free to leave the trucks stop without problems.



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