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10 Secret Tips How To Use Trailer Brakes

If you are a rookie truck driver you will need some time to get the feeling how to do it and I know a lot of great drivers that burned trailer brakes because they applied to much pressure.

You will get used to it and get the feeling but please guys be sensitive and try to learn how to use trailer brakes slowly and not burning them.

Remember too much and too long pressure without control ultimately leads to burned brakes and some even worse scenarios. Avoid this in advance by being smart.

2. Secure Parked Truck With Trailer Brake

After finishing your truck driving day and after you reach the trucks stop or delivery locations to park and secure the truck it would be a good idea to use the trailer brakes.

Parking your truck and securing it is a wise thing to do but if you are facing some wet or slippery environment due to heavy winter conditions which can be found in a lot of U.S. states it is mandatory by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA.

But there is a smart way how to park and secure your truck as well so pay attention to the #9 and #10 recommendations on this list and make sure you do all those details that can save a lot of time and money in those rough conditions.



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