Learn All About Pros and Cons Of Exclusive OOIDA Membership

Simply said this allows them to focus on their target audience and members and it would be questionable if they expand the membership to a large scale if they could be still efficient like they are now. More members requires bigger organization and more members need more areas of service you need to cover and provide.


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Needs of large trucking companies or companies operating the fleet of 100 trucks are completely different compared to the needs and requirements of the company operating fleet size of only 3 trucks. OOIDA wants to focus on those people and there is not much you can do about it. If your company fleet expands to a size not suitable for OOIDA you can then search for other unions or associations to become member and protect your rights.

Price of OODIA Membership

For just around $50 to $100 per year for a full membership OOIDA is something that pays back literally in a first month. This annual subscription fee includes subscription to trucking magazine as well and all kind of additional benefits, discounts and perks. It is worth and this cost less than you spend weekly on that trip pack sending cost and in case of emergency this may mean a lot fro your trucking business so don’t be cheap and go and get it.


Despite the headline is saying pros and cons of OOIDA Membership you were able to see that the post was mostly focused on good things and advantages this membership can offer. The reason for that is not that I didn’t want to write about bad sides of OOIDA Membership but simply I wasn’t able to find one.

For the more than affordable and humble price they ask you get much more than you pay. That is the reason OOIDA has been so successful for 40 years and they cultivate this old school approach that used to exist back in old days we all like to remember. Simply said they provide much more than they ask and people recognize that effort and want to be a part of that story trough OOIDA Membership.

If you are one of those guys that are a long time member please share your experience here with us in below comments and you never know maybe someone from OOIDA will be reading this article and hear our recommendations and proposals for even better services.

Over the next few months we will try to make an interview with some people from OOIDA as an add on to this article. Maybe they can reveal some of the new actions or services they are working on right now.



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