Power Inverter For Truck Amazing Piece Of Equipment 1

Power Inverter For Truck- Amazing Piece Of Equipment

The amazing piece of equipment which allows drivers to watch TV , to email the friends and relatives,as well to have a hot meal and coffee is called power inverter. The power inverter is a “must have” if you are a driver and you are going on a long trip.

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These devices are providing power by converting the standard battery power into a household power. Power inverters are the most common devices that truck drivers use. These inverters increase truck driver’s comfort.


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Firstly, if a truck driver has installed power inverter in his truck he won’t have to worry about his meals , that way he will be able to prepare healthy meals. That way he will avoid the junk food that truck drivers are used to eating, and he will remain healthy as well as fit.

Secondly, by having a power inverter in his truck , the driver will be able to connect and to use household electronics. He will be able to watch TV, to email his family, and stay informed about everything.

Hence the power inverter makes truck driver‘s life easier , with this inverter he wont have to worry if his electronic devices will work or not. This device represents an amazing auxiliary electrical power . They work by converting the the vehicle’s current into electricity that makes all household products work.

How To Choose The Perfect Size Power Inverter

Therefore the size of the power inverter is very important, you should pay attention when choosing it. The perfect inverter for your truck will be the one that has the right wattage to provide you enough power for the appliances that you would like to use while on the road.

How To Become The Best Tow Truck Driver
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The easiest way to check if the inverter that you saw in the store is the perfect for you , you will have to calculate the wattage of the appliances that you are using. The part of calculating the wattage of the appliances is the easiest part. It is important to know that larger inverters that are more than 500 watts and over should be wired to a battery.

Generally the most common appliances that truck drivers use are:


50-100 wattage


100-300 wattage

DVD Player

50 wattage

Coffee Maker

500-1000 wattage


750-1500 wattage


300- 500 wattage


1000-2000 wattage

Satelite receiver

10-25 wattage

Tablet / iPad

100 wattage

Cell Phone

50 wattage

After calculating the wattage of your appliances the proper way to choose which power inverter would fit mostly for your needs is to add 20 % to the calculated wattage. Determining the continuous power is very important part when choosing a power inverter for your truck.

Sine Wave (TSW) Or Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter (MSW)

When buying a power inverter it is very important to determine the continuous power and to calculate the wattage of the appliances. Still there is one more thing that plays a crucial role in determining which one is the perfect power inverter for you. That particular thing that plays a crucial role is the power on which the inverter works.

How To Become The Best Tow Truck Driver
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On the market we can find two types of inverters: sine wave inverters and modified sine wave inverters. The difference between the sine wave inverters and the modified sine inverters is not big . The sine wave inverter runs on the same power as the power that we have in our home , while the modified sine wave inverter produces instant peak voltage.

The modified sine wave inverters are cheaper than the true sine inverters. These inverters are for limited use only. Their use is limited because the new modern appliances are manufactured in a way that they can operate correctly with true sine waves.


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The sine wave inverter is manufactured for sensitive electronic devices, for the devices that we use daily like cell phone, laptop, printer. The sine wave is a better choice because it prevents crashes in computers and reliably powers the appliances.

Power Inverter Installation

Definitely the process of installation is not hard at all. If you have chosen a small inverter then the only thing that you will have to do is to plug it the vehicle lighter socket, since small inverters come with a cigarette lighter adapter.

How To Become The Best Tow Truck Driver
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Likewise the installation of larger inverters is not complicated , but still not as easy as the installation of the small inverter. The process of installation of a large inverter includes connecting the device to a battery. The most important things that we will need for the process of installation are :

  • A cable that will fit the distance between the inverter and the battery;
  • Over-current protection device is a must;
  • We should pay attention as well to wire- we should find the thickest wire available;
  • 4-gauge power cable (it transfers the electricity directly from the battery terminal);

Henceforth the installation process should be performed in a very careful way and with proper size fuses. All fuses should be located within 18 inches of the battery. The role of the auxiliary battery is to protect the wires that are connected to the inverter. Prior to the safe installation we should reassure that hydrogen gas is evolving from the battery. You should mount the battery with hold-downs , boxes or trays, and it should be placed on a safe and clean place.

How To Use The Power Inverter In Your Truck

When chosen carefully and installed properly , the power inverter can be used for a lot of appliances and household devices. This device will without doubt ease your life , and you’ll be able to enjoy in your truck cabin in all the things that you’re doing at home.

How To Become The Best Tow Truck Driver
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The power inverters are easy to use. In order for the inverter to work the truck should be idling. If you have a generator in your truck then you will be able to use the inverter without worrying. But if the inverter is running on the battery power and you are using more than 3000 watts it can lead to wasting the truck’s battery.



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