Residential Moving Services Michigan

Their services include the following:

  • free estimates
  • competitive pricing
  • commercial shipping
  • fine arts warehousing

In order to provide you with exceptional service, their team pays attention to all the details while relocating your stuff.

They do that by accessing to one of the largest fleets in the industry.

Whether need local, interstate or international relocation of your family or an entire business, their staff offers professional performance every time.


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Specialized Moving Services

B & J Moving and Storage is a specialized moving company to which you can rely on.

Furthermore, during the moving process, they the ensure safety of your valuable belonging.


While moving your staff, they do not look at it as a commercial or residential but they are looking to provide you with the most unique solution you require.

5. University Moving

Since 1969, the University Moving and Storage is helping their customers to relocate.

They are helping thousands of customers including people and families, companies and government agencies.

Regardless, they are taking care of the entire process by complying with SAFER, DOT, DOL, and NHTSA.

Moreover, they earn their trust among clients by providing them with a dependable and affordable moving as well as, distribution services.


Due to this matter, they are highly ranked by BBB and other administrations as one of the nation’s most trusted logistics companies.

The company can provide you with moving and storage services that actually fit your needs.

Furthermore, the above-mentioned services are the reason why are they globally recognized as a diversity supplier holding a certification from the Women Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).


The certification process assures that the Standards and Procedures are followed on a continual basis as set by the WBENC.

Having said this, their significant awards are the following:

  • Top 20 Woman Owned Business
  • Working Woman Magazine, Top Owned Business
  • North American Van Lines Award
  • Excellence Commitment
  • Customer Choice Quality Awards
  • Top Quality Agent
  • Safety 1st in Class
  • Sales Manager of the Year
  • American Moving and Storage Association Award
  • Super Van Operator of the Year

6. Lansing Moving

Founded in 1908, Lansing Moving is among the top residential moving companies. Since its inception, they have become the top moving agent for the customers.

The trust that customers have in them is due to their quality service which is provided at a highly competitive pricing.

In addition to this, they have received a large number of awards, which proves their service and care for their clients.


The awards that Lansing Moving has gained include:

  • Allied PSA Consumer Sales Person of the Year
  • Allied PSA Largest Growth Over Previous Year

They are proud to serve the houses and businesses in Michigan with nationwide and international moving as well as storage services.

It does not matter what type of moving you need because Lansing Moving is looking forward to assisting you with your relocation needs

Residential Movers

Being one of the best residential movers, Lansing Moving will have you covered.

They do not care whether you need a neighborhood or around the world assistance since they have an ability to provide you with efficient and economic relocation.

Commercial Movers

They use one of the most advanced techniques and experienced moving team in the business for their offers.


Specialized Moving

Their professionally trained employees and specialized equipment are able to handle the task of transporting your goods.

International Movers

Lansing Moving is a member of the world’s largest network of moving professionals with locations around the globe.

7. EZ Moving

EZ Moving offers professional moving assistance in Michigan including storage options. In other words, you can choose to have pickup and delivery services.

It is a company that specializes in local moving as well as long distance moving in and around the areas of Michigan.

As a matter of fact, they offer complete package services. Therefore, regardless of whether you need short-term or long-term moving, the company will take care of it.


They are known for their exclusive moving and storage services in Michigan.

In addition, their customers can hire them for any kind of service because they are seeing them as no. 1 priority and are always eager to help them.


In order to ease the life of people, they are handling the moving and storing situations each day. By providing superior service they are actually testing the

They are handling all kinds of moving and storing situations every day and this is their way of testing customer experience.

More importantly, this is their way of providing exceptional service in the Detroit area.

8. Scully Statewide Moving

Scully Statewide Moving is a family-owned company which offers top quality services since 1945.

It is undoubtedly, the oldest and most respected moving company in Michigan which continues to build its reputation to the maximum.

They are doing it by offering top quality residential and commercial moving based on professionalism, dependability, service, and value.


As a full-service moving company in Michigan, they can move your belongings from down the street to around the state.

Regardless of the type of the item they can move your boxes or furniture. Moreover, they offer unpacking and packing, as well as storage services.

In fact, these are the services that include free estimates, special discounts, and flexibility to make moving less stressful.


In order to provide you with the above-mentioned, they offer consulting services first. This is their way of buying time and plan everything to go smoothly.

Continually, their goal is the following To provide exceptional residential moving services based on affordability and compassion.

Their ability to offer you moving services is strictly professional. They can handle any type of job which makes them the right company to contact for the job.



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