Residential Moving Services Michigan

Have you ever needed reliable residential moving services in Michigan? Do you even question yourself what are the best residential moving services?

Residential moving services help customers move their belongings in the best way. Additionally, the top residential moving services care about their customers.

They have the capability to plan the move, pack and unpack items and ensure that the client safely receives all of their belongings, even offering insurance in the event of damage or loss.

What are the top Residential Moving Companies in Michigan?

The below-mentioned companies deliver a walk-in container to your driveway, give you time to pack and load up your possessions, and then haul it to your destination.

Residential moving involves a lot of heavy-lifting which is why you need to hire these services. Oftentimes, they are cheaper, however, they are not all equipped to transport antiques including other delicate items.

A residential moving service should be able to coordinate an interstate move professionally and easily.

That is why the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) investigates the customer complaints made against a moving company.


Consequently, it lists the results of their inspections.

Moving is often considered a stressful task and is full of unwelcome surprises. Nonetheless, you do not need to be surprised as the moving invoice is completed because you are leaving it to complete professionals.

Before you choose your moving company, you need to investigate their business and their residential moving services in general.


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Moreover, if you are on a budget, get to know whether they can provide you with an affordable moving service.

Based on your moving needs, the company will complete your household relocation, as well as the services we will supply to complete your move.

1. Michigan Movers

Michigan Movers have all the attention placed on the customer service. They eliminate the stereotypes of customers and replace them with a high-quality service instead.

In this way, they are bonding with their users and prove to them that they truly are one of the best residential moving services in Michigan.

Besides being a full service moving business offering local and long-distance moves, they offer packaging, loading, and unloading for their customers.


The main focus of the company is to provide great service and attention to details. In addition, they differentiate themselves from other moving companies for the following reasons:

  • Permanent employees
  • Experienced workers
  • They skip overbooking
  • Courteous employees
  • They arrive on the job on time and ready to work
  • The company owner is fully involved in the day to day operations of the company
  • Providing attention to every job, regardless of the size
  • Offering free in-home estimates

Their workers pride themselves in moving your household with a maximum exceptional care.

When it comes to moving, they are doing their best in order to transport your items safely, regardless of the destination or distance.

Likewise, they are working professionally to efficiently move your items so that they keep each customer satisfied.

2. Move Lansing

Move Lansing is an expert when it comes to residential moving services. This is due to their constant supply to customers with superior service and value in order to show them that they care.

When you need them, they will show up on time and take clients through the steps of the moving process. In particular, this is their way of keeping their customers happy and satisfied.


If you need packing and unpacking services, their professional team will offer you the following benefits:

  • free estimates
  • special discounts
  • skilled labor
  • specialty item moving
  • senior and Veteran rates
  • flexibility

They aim to make the residential moving services less stressful. In addition, they have a simple goal: providing an affordable and compassionate service while giving clients peace of mind.

The ability to offer this kind of service makes them professionals to handle the job right.


Regarding the type of services, they offer full-service. They handle all of the aspects to help you move across the state.

What makes them differ from the rest of the competition is their pricing and professional team. In addition to this, they offer the following:

  • Residential Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Specialty Item Moving

Move Lansing can move you from any starting to an ending point locally and across the state regardless of the cargo weight.

This is one of the reasons why the customers are respecting their work and for the dedication they receive.

3. Palmer Moving

Palmer Moving has started gaining its reputation since 1910. Since day one, the company is based on a value and considering the customer number one priority.

Generally speaking, they are fully committed to delivering quality residential moving services.


The foundation of their success is through the integrity and fundamental values.

Each day, they are creating a reputation in the industry by meeting the transportation needs of their clients.

To continue with, the key to success is to help people when they are in need and save them time and worries.

Generally speaking, their services are a mix of organizational strength and finishing moving right on time.


Their Residential Moving Services involve the following:

  • Long Distance Moving
  • Local Moving in Detroit
  • Storage
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Senior Moving
  • International Moving
  • Vehicle Transport
  • Interstate Moving
  • Portable Storage

Palmer Moving is solving the problems by doing things differently than the competition. They implement new technology, new equipment, and strategies.

4. B & J Moving and Storage Inc

B & J Moving and Storage Inc. is in charge of changing the lives of their customers by coordinating moves for businesses, families and corporate relocations.

They are considered as highly experienced and due to this matter, they have the necessary personnel, experience, equipment and communications technology.

They are using these resources in order to meet and exceed their clients’ needs and expectations.


In addition, they have certified and experienced staff which consists of consultants, managers, coordinators, packers and qualified drivers.



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