10 Amazing Secret Tips To Choose The Right Truck Caps

10 Amazing Secret Tips To Choose The Right Truck Caps

On the market we can find a lot of different kinds of truck caps to choose from. There is a wide range of caps that vary in style, functionality and cost. Truck caps can be divided in two categories –truck caps and flat covers.

1. Top Manufacturers Of Truck Caps

Moreover the product line of manufacturing truck caps is wide and it includes many brands. According to several surveys done, the top manufacturers of truck caps are: Jason Caps Industries, Leer, Arrow-Truck company manufacturers, Raider- Fiberglass Truck Tops and ARE:

1. Jason Industries

Jason Caps Company was opened in 1972 and it was originally named Brougham Truck Caps. Jason’s company started as a small home company.

The first caps that this company produced were wooden covers. Jason Industries made their first aluminum caps after they grew their company. In the 80’s they widened their production by adding to their chart of products the fiberglass caps.

2. Leer

The Company Leer was founded in the late 60’s by John Collins. They were manufacturing their truck caps mostly from wood and aluminum . Leer was producing truck caps mainly for local customers.

3. Arrow –The Canopy Manufacturers 

Arrow Truck Caps started with manufacturing truck canopies in 1976.



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