INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Amazing Facts About Women In Transportation

Strong and courageous women have changed the way we see the US Trucking Industry. Where the men are the majority, the small number of women present the truck driving a little bit different. A lot of girls and women are deciding to get involved in this industry, building awareness and breaking stereotypes. Driving a truck […]

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Interesting Facts About Truck Tires

Truck tire or tyre it doesn’t matter actually what matter is that this is important part of the truck’s equipment and that entire tire industry is making some amazing products we barely notice when we use them every day. Ever since the mass production tire started and all thanks to invention made by Mr. Dunlop […]

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Amazing USA Trucking Industry Fuel Facts

Trucking Industry in USA truly is a giant and when it comes to fuel and fuel consumption the numbers are really amazing. The biggest expense every trucking company has is fuel. Up to 35% of all money trucking company makes goes on fuel so it very important resource for every day trucking company operations. Small […]

INFOGRAPHIC: 12 Interesting Facts About Trucks Dispatchers

Being Truck Dispatcher means dealing with stress on a daily base. Being a middle man between two fires is never easy and if you add some inpatient drivers on one side and greedy brokers on another the whole thing just get even more complicated. Successful truck dispatchers have some habits that allow them to navigate […]

US Trucking History: Quick Overview and Astonishing Facts

Looking at US map, gives you clear picture how the most of the territory is covered by ground. To live and work on that ground, people always needed all sorts of things, requiring strength and time to get those things delivered on desired locations. US map with rivers and lakes You are probably assuming where […]