10 Best GPS Devices with Bluetooth

GPS devices with Bluetooth are a great way to equip your new office or update your aging fleet. In this tech savvy world they are a MUST! No more wasting time with the old map books. No more having to stop and open a digital copy or search websites like MapQuest or Google Maps. Really, […]

Life as a Female Trucker – Obstacles and Challenges

Life as a female trucker even today is difficult and quite challenging. In general, women are dealing with a lot of obstacles in the jobs that are considered to be ‘men jobs’, such as trucking. However, if you are determined, it is not impossible. Do you hesitate to choose this job? Do you think you […]

All Time Top 30 Famous Trucking Songs

Well, now there are many things people enjoy and trucking songs is most defiantly one of them. You know I am right! We might not agree on which political party is best. We might not agree on which government agency has had the greatest impact on the trucking industry (positive or negative). We might not […]