Life as a Female Trucker – Obstacles and Challenges


Life as a female trucker even today is difficult and quite challenging. In general, women are dealing with a lot of obstacles in the jobs that are considered to be ‘men jobs’, such as trucking.

However, if you are determined, it is not impossible.

Do you hesitate to choose this job? Do you think you will feel uncomfortable being around man all of the time? Then let me reveal you the good news! It most certainly is not like that!

It is well known that the trucking industry is in constant demand of new drivers and the number of drivers itself increases. Therefore, the number of women driver’s increases too. There are roughly 200.000 women currently working in this field and the number is rising each month.

It is true that trucking is still a man’s world. However, it slowly but surely goes towards equalizing the numbers.

How Hard Is To Get Involved In Trucking?

Let me tell you that getting involved into trucking is not that hard. Surely, there is a big competition out there, but, there is a huge demand too.



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