Life as a Female Trucker – Obstacles and Challenges


Life as a female trucker even today is difficult and quite challenging. In general, women are dealing with a lot of obstacles in the jobs that are considered to be ‘men jobs’, such as trucking.

However, if you are determined, it is not impossible.

Do you hesitate to choose this job? Do you think you will feel uncomfortable being around man all of the time? Then let me reveal you the good news! It most certainly is not like that!

It is well known that the trucking industry is in constant demand of new drivers and the number of drivers itself increases. Therefore, the number of women driver’s increases too. There are roughly 200.000 women currently working in this field and the number is rising each month.

It is true that trucking is still a man’s world. However, it slowly but surely goes towards equalizing the numbers.

How Hard Is To Get Involved In Trucking?

Let me tell you that getting involved into trucking is not that hard. Surely, there is a big competition out there, but, there is a huge demand too.

The trucking industry is constantly growing. Therefore, if you decide that trucking is the right job for you, there is basically no obstacle to get one.


What you probably ask yourself is, “how do I start with the process?”

“ What do I need in order to be eligible for a truck driver?”

This list will help you get your CDL!

  • Candidate needs to be 21 years old or older. This is important because a truck driver needs to drive across the state lines;
  • Candidate must not have disqualifying criminal record;
  • Candidate must be a holder of a commercial learner’s permit, minimum of 14 days;
  • Candidate needs a medical proof that is physically capable of driving a commercial vehicle (DOT Physical);
  • Candidate needs to obtain a score of 80% or more on the knowledge and skills exam;
  • Candidate needs to be a holder of a commercial driver’s license;

As you can see there is absolutely no obstacle for any women out there to be eligible for a trucker.

It is a matter of choice. You decide if you want to pursue this career or not.

Is Trucking Still a Male-Dominated Industry?

If we go according the ratio of men vs women working in the industry, we could say it’s a male-dominated industry. Surely, numbers say there are more male drivers than female.


But, does this mean women can’t do it? Does this mean women aren’t welcome? Certainly not!

Women are more than welcome to make a difference in the field. They are treated equally, however, there are exceptions. Companies do not allow any discrimination of women at any job, as well as in the trucking industry. Therefore, if you experience any kind of harassment at your job, you can report that.


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Are you up for making a difference and changing the history? Are you up for making the trucking career a women career as well?

As in any other job, if you are strong and confident, and you do your job the best way you can, there will be no issue.

The Impact Of The Women Truck Drivers On The Industry

We can all agree that being a truck driver is not an easy job too, whether if you are a man or a woman. Thus, being a trucker makes you a person that is ready to make sacrifices in order to succeed.

Source: www.
Source: www.

There is a serious tendency in the growth of the trucking industry. Every day new truckers are needed. So, it becomes harder and harder to find new truckers.

The trucking companies offer very good working conditions. With the increased interest of women to become truck drivers, it becomes easier for the companies to find employees. Therefore, women do contribute in this industry a lot.

How Hard Is For A Female Trucker To Learn Some Basic Repair Tricks?

We have a really simple answer to this! Equally as hard as it is for a male trucker to learn.

There is always a way how to learn more regarding easy truck repairs. Especially if you are interested in it. From online research and courses to visiting specific classes.

As a truck driver you will find yourself in a position in which you will not be able to get help. Therefore, you will need to know how to quickly fix something on your truck.

There are few basic skills that every truck driver should know, such as:

  • Changing a spare tire
  • Mount/demount tire iron
  • Lug nut ratchet
  • Spark plugs issue
  • Oil change

Being A Mother And A Trucker Is Not An Easy Thing

It is understandable that mothers find it difficult to go to work and leave their kids alone, especially if they are still babies.

Even on a 9 to 5 job is hard. But, can you imagine being away for few days? How about weeks?

Source: pinterest
Source: pinterest

Balancing family and trucking job is not easy, let alone balancing motherhood and trucking job.

In case you do not have who to take care forthe children while you are working, it is better to hold off on the trucking career.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Surely, the trucking career will offer you a better lifestyle really quickly, but be ready for the sacrifices. Get to know all the positive and negative sides of being a mother and a trucker. Only that way you can decide for sure if you can manage both equally good.

Is The Female Trucker Facing Training Issues?

We have to be realistic and honest when it comes to issues that a female truckers face, especially during training.


It is not uncommon for women in this industry to be seen as less capable. Every three out of five women face some kind of discrimination or harassment during the training process from their male trainer.



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