How to Handle a DOT Inspection Like a Boss

DOT inspection can mean a great deal of stress, regardless how calm and experienced truck driver you are. You shouldn’t fear the DOT inspection, if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing! I know its easiest said than done, but if you obey the rules and regulations, than there is nothing to […]

7 Valuable Tips For Perfect and Cheap Tire Alignment

Tire alignment as a part of the entire wheel system is mandatory to keep maintained and up to shape. Possible situations and costs related to tire alignment failure can be huge so it is better to have all the maintenance up to date. Like we use to say better to be safe than sorry. Source: […]

Auxiliary Fuel Tank – Is It Worth Buying?

In today article I will talk about the Auxiliary fuel tank and is it worth buying or not. The biggest concern when we are in the trucking business is the fuel and we always trying to find a way to low the fuel expenses. To make the transportation really successful besides having the right truck […]