INFOGRAPHIC: Top 8 Trucking Common Myths Debunked

Trucking may be one of the most underappreciated professions in the world. Most of the time truck driving is underrated and we all know that is the most important part of every industry and the most important part of the US economy. As the trucking is not appreciated enough the truck drivers are seeing as […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Find Out What Would Happen If Trucks Stopped

Living luxuriously with everything we need, being able to buy any product at the local store, makes us blind to the fact that we neglect many things around us. The things we use every day and we can’t imagine our lives without, we take for granted. The complexity of the process how those items were […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Discover 12 Things You Don’t Know About Semi Trailers

Semi-trailers are the addition to the Tractor/power unit, and as we know are used for transportation of goods. Can you imagine transporting goods without the semi-trailers? You can’t! There are many types of trailers as a result of the complexity of the goods that need to be transported. All of the trailers have unique specifications […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Discover 10 Astonishing Facts About Truck Drivers

Did you know that the truck drivers are hauling everything, from pins to car parts? To make every human life easier, truck drivers sacrifice a lot. Being months away from home is hard, away from the family can break everyone from time to time. The statistics show that 80% of all goods in the US […]

INFOGRAPHIC: 11 Incredible Facts About Semi Truck Engine and Car Engine

The loud and large Semi trucks you see down the roads, also known as 18-wheel trucks, represent an essential part in the transportation of goods across the US. But to travel thousands of miles they need powerful engine configurations. Our modern life is pretty impossible to have without the trucks. Every industry has need of […]

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Things You Never Knew About Trucking

Trucking is an excellent way to see the country, to keep moving and have amazing and adventures life. It is an interesting job for every generation. Many people choose to drive trucks after they retire. Truck driving is the perfect way to keep one human mind sharp. It is not an easy job, it is […]

How To Become Truck Driver – 10 Secret Steps

Trucking is a grand adventure. If you have a strong personality, and you are an independent person who is in search of adventures, then becoming a truck driver would be a good pick for you. To become truck driver means that there won’t be anyone looking over your shoulder, there won’t be any routines, and on […]

Load Canceling – Big Mystery Problem In US Trucking

Trucking industry is going trough a lot of changes and despite there is a lot of them some of them are really good and needed to wake up this sleeping giant. Unfortunately some changes are not that good and most of the trucking companies don’t like them. This is especially a case with the newly […]

11 Great Mobile Apps That Will Make Trucker’s Life Easier

With so many advances in technology I wanted to see if the trucking industry was keeping up. The short answer is a big YES! There are so many programs, tools, and apps available right now it is almost crazy. The trucking industry, just like every other industry, has taken full advantage of the resources available. […]

Discover The Best Trucking Movies Ever

For those in this business it’s easy to see why trucking movies are interesting to watch. It’s fun to see a trucker take care of business and keep our country rolling, just like ourselves, or our drivers, or clients do every day. Though it seems, no one can really agree on which is the greatest […]