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Discover The Best Trucking Movies Ever

For those in this business it’s easy to see why trucking movies are interesting to watch. It’s fun to see a trucker take care of business and keep our country rolling, just like ourselves, or our drivers, or clients do every day.

Though it seems, no one can really agree on which is the greatest trucker movie ever made, and there have been a lot.

However, you all should agree with me that quite a few of them are pretty remarkable.

And almost every truck driver has seen most of them at least once, if not more times.

My personal choice today may not bind with everybody’s taste, but hey, I am not a trucking-movie expert!

To be completely honest, when I started researching this I had no idea just how many trucking related films there are!

Many are directly related to the industry. Others use the truck as a key story/plot point, while others rely heavily on the big-rig, but it’s not central to the story.

Whether you want to see the trucker be the hero, homicidal self-driving trucks, a semi-truck transformer, or a crazed trucker out for blood, these movies have it all.



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