Team Truck Driving – All Secrets Revealed

Also, I would like to emphasize that team truck drivers are driving 3000 miles more than solo truck drivers. Speaking in bucks, team truck drivers are earning an extra $8,750 to $10,000 per year.

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1. Basics of Sharing Space

If you are amazed by team truck driving, and you want to enter this career, then you shall know that there are few basics that you will have to cover. One of those basics is sharing the space.

On the positive side, the basics of sharing a space can transform you into a more open person. There are many truckers that have experienced that. In my opinion that is a result of learning more about yourself during the sharing process.

As we know, over the road Class 8 trucks are primarily designed for solo truck drivers, that is to say, the truck doesn’t have equal amounts of storage space on both sides of the truck. Nonetheless, you will have to agree with your teammate and divide the storage areas in the truck.



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