The Ultimate Marketing Plan for a Logistic Business

The Ultimate Marketing Plan for a Logistic Business

Every logistic business has to have some good marketing plan in sleeves in order to be successful and prestige.

We all know what does it mean to run a logistic business these days of age, in time when marketing is doing half of the job for you; so that’s why a need for good marketing plan is a MUST.

The marketing plan for a logistic business is fairly straightforward.

Logistic companies are dealing with transporting goods from point A to point B. They are responsible for managing the flow of a product from the time it leaves a manufacturing, until it reaches the consumer site.

With other words, logistics companies ensure that goods get to where they are needed!


In order to accomplish this task efficiently, logistics companies use state of the art technology.

They dispatch and track packages throughout their transport, and deal with a lot more that you can imagine just looking from the side, without being actually involved or how other might say: “in the middle of the things”.

This exactly is and the reason why development of a good marketing plan is of a big importance and crucial for every logistic business.

Like any good logistical worker knows, it’s the planning portion of pretty much anything that is usually the key to success.


First and most important, you have to have a strategy.

Your strategy should be made up of:

  • Goals;
  • Observances;
  • Plenty of research; and
  • An execution model.

Once you have all that in place, you can concentrate on executing the strategy, paying attention to the data, and implementing best tactics that work for you, in order to stay on the right track.


Such is true for the ultimate marketing plan for any company, not just a logistic business.

You have to create a sound marketing strategy in order to stay in the spirit of continuous improvement and lean methodologies to drive more bottom line savings as well as good profit!

I am sure you want to boost your logistic business patronage! So here is a sample of logistic business marketing plan to help you attract new and retain existing clients.

So put on your marketing hat and let’s proceed!

Every Logistic Business Has to Fallow Government Rules


Regardless if you are a dispatcher, broker, OTR truck driver, experienced truck driver or a rookie, or hold some role in the management or logistics, you will still need to comply and obey the rules and regulations of the numerous government agencies including:

This is just a handful of all the agencies that will breathe on your neck. So get ready and study their web sites well and often, if you want your logistic business under control!

Marketing Plan for a Logistic Business

Of a very big importance is to set up a good marketing plan for your logistic business.

When you are establishing your complex supply chain, any great strategy starts with laying a solid foundation.

You will need to develop a successful strategy. First and important to know is to define goals and objectives.

1. Define Goals for Your Logistics Business


First establish your corporate goals, then the marketing goals, and then include the digital marketing goals as well. Work hard on fulfilling them!

Corporate Goal

For example, your corporate goal may be something like:

  • Be a top widget maker, garnering the respect of logistic industry, business partners, customers, and prospects all while developing successful and satisfied employees.
  • To grow by 200% over the next five years with a net profit of 5%.


Marketing Goal

Once you know your corporate goals, you can establish and work on your marketing goals.

It’s essential that they are line up in order, where you establish the corporate before the marketing goals.

As a marketing goal you can establish something like for example:

  • Make a consistent marketing program of brand awareness campaigns;
  • Create a multi-channel marketing platforms in order to gain leads and sales from larger shippers;
  • Achieve market awareness as a leader in the logistics industry through consistent marketing etc.

Digital Marketing Goal

It is important to establish your digital marketing goals too, and then affiliate them with your corporate and marketing goals.

You need to think fundamentally when it comes to marketing. Now, more than ever is it important to stick to a good plan predicated by outcomes, not by tactics.


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With that said, you should have the following digital marketing goals:

  • Create a digital environment where it is easy for the user to reach out through any channel they feel most convenient;
  • Create a new website with a blog article page, a email marketing programs and a content marketing plan;
  • Stay active in social media platforms, and get produce content, which will add value to the stated target audience.

2. Define What Services Your Logistic Business Provides

Now that you have set the goals, next thing in the raw is to define what services your logistic business provides. I am sure you already have all that clear in your head, but other people might not know, so you need to somehow get the idea to them.


By clearly defining your services, you can develop tactics in order to market your offerings to your future and existing clients.

You need to make sure that your prospect clients are aware of everything that your logistic business has to offer.

  • Do you transport goods by ship to overseas locations?
  • Or focus on transporting goods that are shipped within the country by truck or other type of transport?
  • Do you deliver raw materials to factories?
  • Or deliver finished products to consumers?
  • Do customers use online tools to ship products themselves?
  • Or the customers work with your staff to book passage by phone?

All of those questions should be more then clear to your potential and old clients. Don’t let them standing there and wondering, or even worst: go to your competitors because they didn’t know that you offer the same services!

3. Choose A Target Market For Your Logistic Business

At this point, it’s time to better understand whom you are trying to reach with your marketing efforts.



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